Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Vacation Thus Far.

Well I have access to the internet for tonight, or rather at this moment. It's continued to be a relaxing and beautiful trip. Today for instance my friend and I went out to where he is going to be moving to in a couple of weeks, and I wish I could post video and pictures of this place as words do not do it justice by any stretch of the imagination. It's actually a really nice cabin of sorts out in the middle of nowhere way past civilization in the mountains, and right beside his house is a small river. He is going to be care taking the property for a guy who lives primarily in LA, California, and on the property itself is a beautiful, huge house made of wooden everything. It's breathtaking and gorgeous like the land around it, and hopefully I'll be able to post a video of it next week, so stay tuned. Seeing this place made me realize a goal that I would like to have eventually, and that is to get my own vacation house in western Montana around where I am now vacationing; it would be so amazing. Tomorrow we're suppose to go hunting and hiking, so that should be interesting, and then on Friday we're taking a raft down the river which should be absolutely amazing. Apparently it's suppose to be quite relaxing. Oh a really fun adventure I got to have was that since my friend is a policeman, I was allowed to ride along with him in his squad car while he worked. There wasn't a lot of action, but it felt pretty intense occasionally when he had to go check on an alarm that had gone off, and when he had to escort and guard a juvenile offender who was detoxing. The rest of the time after that it was traffic stops, and we made a couple of stops for food and what not, and he also chatted up with some of his fellow brothers in arms; it was actually rather interesting to hear them chat amongst themselves. The whole experience thus far has been so chill and relaxing, and is just what I needed. I have about a week left of my vacation, a week left before I have to return to a mound of crap that involves my ex-roommate and a gigantic electric bill from my new address which doesn't make any sense. So I get to call the electric people about the matter when I get back to my apartment. I love it out here, but I miss certain elements of the city like having the internet and having things within a reasonable amount of driving time. It's a trade-off I suppose; what you'd rather live without, and what you can live without. Don't know when I'll post again, but I hope everyone is doing okay out there in the world, since I don't have access to my news sources I'm not as aware as I usually am.

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