Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 10 Years Ago & Dodgeball.

Now a little over 10 years ago, at least four planes crashed that were used in an unparalleled terrorist attack on American soil. Three were successful in their attempts, one thank goodness was not. Today I would like to thank the men and women who bravely helped, rescued, and cared for victims and survivors of that terrible tragedy. I would also like to thank the American intelligence personnel, government officials, the armed forces, and former President G.W. Bush & President Barrack Obama for not allowing such an even to occur again. Ten years have passed and much has healed, but there still remains a lot of bitterness and hate and I hope that as the years continue to roll by that all of that hate does not become the very thing which American ideals have fought so hard against. My condolences to the families of those that lost someone that day because of the attacks, and it is my prayer that all of you find solace and fulfillment in your remaining years. God be with us all. Now onto something less....deep, although I do not mean to diminish today's significance at all. Overall it was a good day, although the SED's had difficulty comprehending what today was all about, and explaining it to them wasn't very easy. Me and my co-worker however were able to get across the major idea at least, I think so. The real big highlight of the evening was me playing dodgeball, something I haven't really done since.....since...well, I can't remember. Usually I don't play because I get hit in the most uncomfortable areas of my body, but it was not the case today. I did very, very well and hardly got hit out; at times I had some really good "Matrix" moves and then I would get hit in the most ridiculous way. It wore me out dreadfully though and I had to stop towards the end because a leg muscle was starting to cramp up. Now I am so sore because I don't exercise that much like I should, and those muscles aren't used that much being the writer that I am. My goodness, now I know why we played this game in high school during the gym class; it was such great exercise. One of the SED's had a birthday today, and we celebrated it and I made him a chocolate cake. It turned out nicely, but I didn't use my oven, which I will try to use again tomorrow to make another cake for a co-worker's birthday, I used the oven at work. Well there's the day; a lot happening and going on, and as you can imagine I am exhausted. Sleep well everyone and enjoy the beginning of your work week.

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