Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mere Hours....

....Until take off! Then soon I will be in Montana and my wonderful vacation can begin, although getting everything in order for my vacation has been a major pain in the neck. Today that was what it all was about. I think I did everything that I wanted to do, but there were some things that I just didn't do. Right now I'm terribly sleepy, feeling blah and just want to get this vacation started. Did I mention that I hate flying? Well I do, but hopefully tomorrow will be just dandy. Got THOR on Blu-ray and watched it tonight and it still is quite lovely, although it could've been a little longer and still have been alright. Oh well, what's there is good. Neighbors were very loud and rude tonight, could barely hear what I was doing with everything all shut up and what not. People these days are so rude and only look out for themselves and not others, definitely a sign of a deteriorating society. Too bad. Well off to bed, and perhaps I'll get some sleep, but who knows. I usually never sleep the night before I fly, but there is a first time for everything.

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