Sunday, September 4, 2011

How Many Times.....

.....Do I have to say it! I don't know how many times I thought or spoke these words in frustration today to the SED's. You'd think that after a few years of being in the same exact program with the same rules and what not, and it being so structured that they'd remember that there are certain things that they can and cannot do. Yet I found myself constantly repeating myself. There was this one SED that was irritating and so rude today all of the time that I really wanted to....well use some intervention methods that would be considered unconventional. However, I did my best to remain calm yet firm and direct. Oh yeah, two male clients flashed each other's genitals to each other for who know's why really; that was a "fun" mess to sort out. Screaming just really gets on my nerves you know, especially when I'm tired, and high pitched, elongated screams are even worse. Young girls with no manners, boundaries, common consideration or respect are awful. Fortunately, no one tried to jump off of the roof today, but I did get to escort an SED that tried to bite and kick me several times; he was quite a wretch. (switching gears) Well so far it is wonderful beyond words how lovely it is coming to a quiet and clean residence after a long day of work. I can relax and chill without any irritating............problems or vacillating individuals. Right now I am very, very sleepy so we'll see if I can stay awake through an episode of Star Trek.

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