Friday, September 2, 2011

Free At Last!

Finally after many, many months and a lot of stress I have at last moved out of my old apartment and into a new one all by myself. I am spending my second night in it tonight and so far it is a wonderful thing. I got the internet hooked up today after a few absent days of being disconnected to the web, but sometimes in life things happen and you just have to go with the flow of them. Needless to say, writing hasn't been on my mind much this week. Moving sucked up all of Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I spent almost all of Thursday unpacking and organizing. I am very proud to say that everything is in it's place and decorated with nothing further to do except for me to lounge about and enjoy the lack of an irritating roommate. I won't regale all of you with the tales of my moving, but let's just say that moving the furniture was a whole lot easier than moving all of the boxes and what not by myself. I will never do all of that by myself again (unless circumstances make it thus I guess). I had a good friend, Tim, help me with all of the furniture and leftover stuff and we got it done in good time. I parted ways with my roommate on indifferent terms, which of course he ended up lying and cheating his way out of money that he still owes me. He still claims that he'll pay me the money, but I highly doubt that; he has done nothing but manipulate and lie since we began rooming together. Now he can do it to the people he is living with. It was very angering for me, and I struggled not to lose my temper, make vile statements and use obscene language. I do have an eventual bright side to all of that though. He might have dishonorably gone back on his word and not repaid me the money owed and now he doesn't have the obligation or daily reminder to give me the money. However, I am certain that my life is going to always be much more pleasant and worth living than his. He is unemployed, hangs around despicable people like him, has no money to speak of, and always complains about all kinds of crap happening in his life. After all, whoever loves pleasure he or she will be poor. Finally after I had finished getting everything ready for the night on Wednesday to relax (which included a last minute stop at Target to pick up a few things, setting up the TV, cleaning the shower, taking a shower, and making dinner) I was able to sit down and drink almost an entire bottle of sparkling grape juice while I ate pizza and watched The Empire Strikes Back, which I thought was a fantastic way to christen my new apartment. Metaphorically speaking of course, the Empire did strike back that night, and with an enthusiastic vengeance. Now as I begin a new work weekend I usher in a new system of habits and a routine that needed to become flexible because of who I was living with. Now I can have a much more reliable and predictable daily life which I believe will greatly improve my writing not only because my stress level will be greatly reduced, but also because my creativity will not be impeded by idiocy. Well, I hope that all of you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the new month....we'll see how many new surprises there will be.

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