Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Die Along.

And what is a die along you may be precisely asking yourself. Well I was riding with my police friend that I am visiting in Montana for my vacation at the moments, and am actually on break with him right now, which is why I am able to write this up. I have like no access to internet anywhere and it sucks, but I am at least relaxing. The past few days have been mildly interesting, and was the trip to get out here. All I have to say is if you can avoid riding on Delta Airlines then avoid them like the plague; I'm definitely not looking forward to the return trip. Real police work, riding in the car and what not is a whole lot more intense than what it appears like on television or the movies. I have a whole new level of respect for law enforcement officials on the average and what they do. It's been interesting to see the camaraderie that takes place with all of the officers and what not; they're a lot like brothers in a sense and for the most part all of them seem to get along with each other and look out for each other based on what I've seen here in Montana so far. Now it may not be like that everywhere, but I can see it here. Saw the movie Columbiana with my friend a couple of nights ago and would have loved to have written a film review, but that's the thing about not having an internet connection at your finger tips. Zoe Saldana was amazing, and in many regards better than James Bond. I and my friend went in without any expectations and be both came to the conclusion that it was good. It's still just an action film, but it was decent and worth seeing if you want something good that isn't deep. I'll give it an "Admirable Ability." Eventually I'll write a film review and post it on my site, but that might take a while since obtaining the internet will be sparse. This also means that my blogging will be quite sporadic, but vacationing and destressing I suppose sometimes requires those kinds of sacrifices. So far Montana is beautiful, peaceful, and extremely relaxing. One of the first things that I noticed was how quiet it was when I stepped out of the vehicle; no annoying or loud people, no sounds of vehicles speeding by. Green, towering mountains are everywhere, and the other day we went fishing, hiking and had a picnic lunch with some of my friend's family. It was delightful. So future activities include shooting, hiking, rafting, fishing, spider bombing (he's moving into a new place and wants to eliminate all pesty insects and what not), reading, writing, and doing a whole lot of nothing. So while everyone is working I will continue to enjoy my vacation. Oh, and everyone should vacation in Montana; it is.......perfect bliss.

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  1. I love Montana! I drove through it once, and it was so beauitful. The sky is big too ;)