Friday, September 9, 2011

Bloody Moving Along.

Well there weren't any blackouts today fortunately and life went on as normal for me. The good new is that I am finished editing my 4th draft of Book 2 and have already printed up a good portion of it so I can give it to my editor at work for the fifth and final draft, although it could almost be a sixth depending on how things go. The book is good as it is, but I think if I read through it again I could still polish it up some more; I guess I'm in that trap as a writer where I could keep changing things until I became blue in the face. There does come a place and time to let it go though and give it wings to see how well it does. Now to move onto other things though, and also to get ready for my vacation which will be beginning next week! I'm really looking forward to it and all of the relaxing and laziness that I will be partaking in. I wrote a review of G.W Bush's memoirs Decision Points and posted it on my website, so stop by and check it out if you think that you might be interested in reading it. I watched Dexter again now starting season 5, and it's fairly interesting thus far although the ending of season 4 (which was amazing) was very sad, but no spoilers here. I made a cheesecake for a client of mine at work, and the mixing and prepping process went wonderfully, but the baking part was a tragedy. Unfortunately, the oven at my new apartment isn't calibrated well at all and must run incredible hot because my cheesecake was completely finished fifteen minutes early, and even then I was suppose to let it sit in the oven for an hour with the stove off to let it finish cooking. To say the least the top part at least is a little crisp, and the whole thing will most likely be kind of dry, but what can you do. I was angry and now am very sad and irritated if this is how my baking is going to go. I guess I'm going to have to get an oven thermometer and keep a closer eye on everything. Blast it all, it's just so irritating when it doesn't come out right. Live, learn and move on I suppose. My work week begins again (last one before my vacation) so we'll see what happens this week that's exciting, which is hopefully nothing.

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