Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to Normal.

Well after a little over a week off of writing I am back with a vengeance!.....well sort of. After doing a little bit of grocery shopping, I sat down and edited another screenplay for my friend's audio drama and the really cool thing is that we're getting close to finishing all of the screenplays and the story. I'm not quite certain how he is going to proceed next once all of the writing is done, but it is beginning to become really exciting. I really hope that it works out to be something close to both of our expectations. Although I wasn't able to get any editing completed for Book II today (I had two lengthy conversations on the phone), I will leave that for tomorrow as I have plenty of time this week and no irritants to deal with. During dinner I watched the film Monster, which I had been wanting to see for a while. Charlize Theron plays the female serial killer with a brutalized past. It is very dark, and nothing lighthearted about it whatsoever. It was relatively done well, although the only reason why I'd want to see this film again is to see Charlize Theron's performance which was essentially the only endearing trait of this film aside from the screenplay. She pulled off a tremendous effort, and she really embodied the character almost seemingly perfectly. But, it get's a "Yearning Ability" because it just didn't cut it really well against the whole spectrum of criteria. Aside from all of that and editing my website, my day was relatively uninteresting. It got so hot today though, and even now as I write this I feel like I'm going to melt (trying to conserve money by not using the air conditioning). Hopefully the heat goes away soon though considering I would think that it is suppose to be cooling down what with it being September and all. Well that's all folks, hope everyone hangs in there as it seems the world is going a little dark for the time being.

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