Friday, September 30, 2011

Back Home.

Well after being gone for approximately 2 weeks I am back home. My vacation was remarkable and I will be posting pictures of the beautiful landscapes of Montana in the days ahead. All, if not most of the stress melted right off of me and I am re-energized and ready to go back to work and deal with the rest of the crap that has been going on in my life. Unfortunately I was unable to blog about a lot of the experiences that happened to me in Montana as they occurred day after day, but I might write a brief summary if I have the time. I really dislike flying though. I have been flying since...since 2003 I believe, and when I was in college I was flying a lot, or at least more so than the average American probably. I get anxiety, I get air sick, I'm in close quarters with irritating people for lengthy periods of time, and the airlines never cease to mess up on something, or increase the price for something. I recommend that nobody fly Delta, but that is up to you ultimately; my experiences with them all around have been less than stellar, and this past experience was the straw that broke the camel's back. But enough about my vacation for now. Today was actually quite productive considering it was my first day back after a couple of weeks. I rationalized everything that I did probably for that reason...I was on vacation for so long that I probably needed to do some work (not to mention I'm quite behind and have a lot of catching up to do.) I wrote two film reviews of movies that I saw while in Montana and didn't have the opportunity to write reviews: Moneyball & Columbiana. I might have blogged on my opinion of the films already, but the reviews give a more exhaustive overview. After catching up on all of the other tasks including laundry, paying the bills, and cleaning out the email I made some cookies for my writing group at work which will be picking up again this coming Monday. Hopefully this next time around will go much better than how it ended, but God only knows I suppose. I watched four episodes of Dexter and the show is getting incredibly good and it never ceases to surprise and keeps you guessing. Julia Stiles being present in the show has really paid off well for the characters and the show in general I think so far, I really like where her and Dexter are going and am looking forward to season 6, when I will finally be caught up and up to date. Season 4 of The Clone Wars launched while I was on my vacation and after today I was finally able to watch all three of the newest episodes which were all connected in a 3 part storyline about the freedom of the indigenous populations of Mon-Calamari. I am jumping into Star Wars mode. It was fascinating to see what the water world of Mon-Calamari would look like after the people became so legendary, along with the ships that it's people produce. I thought that it was so cool that all three episodes took place under water and the characters were always under water swimming and interacting with creatures, robots, and people in the water. I don't know how the creators pulled it off on the production level, but it looked sharp. The characters were static for the most part, except for the young Mon-Cala leader to be Prince Li Char. He was well designed and played well. We were also introduced to Captain Ackbar (later Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi) which was really cool. And they also created one of the best villains I've seen in the series for a while; Riff Tamson who was a determined, and highly vicious individual who was strong, intelligent and meant what he said. It was a fantastic start to the 4th season, which to me is still unbelievable that we have reached 4 seasons of this show already! Wow how time continues to fly. The stories, the characters, and the design of these 3 episodes-Water War, Gungan Attack, & Prisoners-were excellent and highly enjoyable. Yet again, they always seem to do really well with their season openers, it's just their season closers that to me at least seem to always be lacking. Well tomorrow I return to work after being gone what seems like for should be interesting. Apparently an SED misbehaved all of today and sabotaged going on pass with his mother for the weekend just so he could see and spend time with me. Not certain if I should be happy or sad.

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