Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alright & Okay.

Well despite getting the cheesecake top apparently crunchy and burnt like, it was actually alright for the most part which makes me even more confused as to what was wrong with my oven. Even though parts of it were dry, it looked actually very moist when I cut it; weird huh. I think an oven thermometer is the best way to go for now. Work went well and there weren't any difficulties, aside from one young lady getting moody because she wasn't getting any "extra" attention or whatever. Was talking to one of the SED's, and he likes reading and writing and he told me about this story he created which is spectacular. I told him it could be the new Harry Potter series if done correctly, because dang he has some really good stuff floating around in his imagination. I only hope that he does something with it, otherwise it will languish forever and what a shame that would be. Well as we Americans enter September 11th; the 10th anniversary of the greatest tragedy of Modern America, I hope that everyone takes a moment to pause and think of what freedom costs, and how important life is. To everyone else, consider your own freedom and life and how much that is worth, and the lives around you as well. God bless and protect America, and God be with the people of world in every step that we take together.

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