Friday, September 30, 2011

Back Home.

Well after being gone for approximately 2 weeks I am back home. My vacation was remarkable and I will be posting pictures of the beautiful landscapes of Montana in the days ahead. All, if not most of the stress melted right off of me and I am re-energized and ready to go back to work and deal with the rest of the crap that has been going on in my life. Unfortunately I was unable to blog about a lot of the experiences that happened to me in Montana as they occurred day after day, but I might write a brief summary if I have the time. I really dislike flying though. I have been flying since...since 2003 I believe, and when I was in college I was flying a lot, or at least more so than the average American probably. I get anxiety, I get air sick, I'm in close quarters with irritating people for lengthy periods of time, and the airlines never cease to mess up on something, or increase the price for something. I recommend that nobody fly Delta, but that is up to you ultimately; my experiences with them all around have been less than stellar, and this past experience was the straw that broke the camel's back. But enough about my vacation for now. Today was actually quite productive considering it was my first day back after a couple of weeks. I rationalized everything that I did probably for that reason...I was on vacation for so long that I probably needed to do some work (not to mention I'm quite behind and have a lot of catching up to do.) I wrote two film reviews of movies that I saw while in Montana and didn't have the opportunity to write reviews: Moneyball & Columbiana. I might have blogged on my opinion of the films already, but the reviews give a more exhaustive overview. After catching up on all of the other tasks including laundry, paying the bills, and cleaning out the email I made some cookies for my writing group at work which will be picking up again this coming Monday. Hopefully this next time around will go much better than how it ended, but God only knows I suppose. I watched four episodes of Dexter and the show is getting incredibly good and it never ceases to surprise and keeps you guessing. Julia Stiles being present in the show has really paid off well for the characters and the show in general I think so far, I really like where her and Dexter are going and am looking forward to season 6, when I will finally be caught up and up to date. Season 4 of The Clone Wars launched while I was on my vacation and after today I was finally able to watch all three of the newest episodes which were all connected in a 3 part storyline about the freedom of the indigenous populations of Mon-Calamari. I am jumping into Star Wars mode. It was fascinating to see what the water world of Mon-Calamari would look like after the people became so legendary, along with the ships that it's people produce. I thought that it was so cool that all three episodes took place under water and the characters were always under water swimming and interacting with creatures, robots, and people in the water. I don't know how the creators pulled it off on the production level, but it looked sharp. The characters were static for the most part, except for the young Mon-Cala leader to be Prince Li Char. He was well designed and played well. We were also introduced to Captain Ackbar (later Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi) which was really cool. And they also created one of the best villains I've seen in the series for a while; Riff Tamson who was a determined, and highly vicious individual who was strong, intelligent and meant what he said. It was a fantastic start to the 4th season, which to me is still unbelievable that we have reached 4 seasons of this show already! Wow how time continues to fly. The stories, the characters, and the design of these 3 episodes-Water War, Gungan Attack, & Prisoners-were excellent and highly enjoyable. Yet again, they always seem to do really well with their season openers, it's just their season closers that to me at least seem to always be lacking. Well tomorrow I return to work after being gone what seems like for should be interesting. Apparently an SED misbehaved all of today and sabotaged going on pass with his mother for the weekend just so he could see and spend time with me. Not certain if I should be happy or sad.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Twice in Two Days.

Well I am back online again two days in a row, which wasn't something that I was expecting, but I was glad that it happened. Today was rather lovely. My friend got up and made a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast, and hash browns which I drank with some tea. After that we prepped ourselves to go on a hike, which I took many breathtaking pictures and videos but did not bring the camera with me to I could upload some of them onto my blog. It sucks, but what can you do. A later time, a later date. It was a gorgeous hike to sum it up in small words. The name of the place was called "Blodgett Creek" and the trail led through a spectacular mountain canyon, which was gigantic on both sides. At the end of our destination was a waterfall that had arctic temperature water, but painted a remarkable scene when added to the foreground of an exceptional backdrop. The return hike was a little long, and I was exhausted when we got back to the truck, but I survived and got some good entertainment and exercise out of it. We did not go hunting because of that, and bow hunting is apparently boring and very difficult especially for someone with no experience like me. So that is something we may or may not do next week. The rest of the night I watched television, which was boring and blah. I seriously do not understand how people enjoy just sitting and watch a bunch of poorly written, and debauched programming for hours on end; I was exhausted of it after about 3 hours or so. I watched "The X-Factor" and I have to say "sorry Simon, but your show sucks." If you haven't seen it I would encourage you not to. It is worse than "American Idol" and a complete waste of time, energy and effort. It was obviously scripted and the judging makes no sense whatsoever, but I do like the judges this time around for the most part. Tonight's episodes had a few comical and outrageous moments, but also of course had those heartbreaking success stories (all crap in my opinion, watch Oprah if you want to see success stories that are heartbreaking). I haven't a clue why Simon thought that this show was going to be successful, but we'll see if he invested his money well. At least the host of the show isn't as obnoxious as Ryan Seacrest. For those of you that doubt that old adage "what comes around goes around," or my favorite short word phrase "Karma!" then let me assure you your doubts are misplaced. My recent ex-roommate is receiving the full benefits of the crap he wreaked on me on himself, except that it is tenfold with him. I won't get the money he owes be back probably, but I can take some small comfort in the fact that he is reaping what he sowed.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Vacation Thus Far.

Well I have access to the internet for tonight, or rather at this moment. It's continued to be a relaxing and beautiful trip. Today for instance my friend and I went out to where he is going to be moving to in a couple of weeks, and I wish I could post video and pictures of this place as words do not do it justice by any stretch of the imagination. It's actually a really nice cabin of sorts out in the middle of nowhere way past civilization in the mountains, and right beside his house is a small river. He is going to be care taking the property for a guy who lives primarily in LA, California, and on the property itself is a beautiful, huge house made of wooden everything. It's breathtaking and gorgeous like the land around it, and hopefully I'll be able to post a video of it next week, so stay tuned. Seeing this place made me realize a goal that I would like to have eventually, and that is to get my own vacation house in western Montana around where I am now vacationing; it would be so amazing. Tomorrow we're suppose to go hunting and hiking, so that should be interesting, and then on Friday we're taking a raft down the river which should be absolutely amazing. Apparently it's suppose to be quite relaxing. Oh a really fun adventure I got to have was that since my friend is a policeman, I was allowed to ride along with him in his squad car while he worked. There wasn't a lot of action, but it felt pretty intense occasionally when he had to go check on an alarm that had gone off, and when he had to escort and guard a juvenile offender who was detoxing. The rest of the time after that it was traffic stops, and we made a couple of stops for food and what not, and he also chatted up with some of his fellow brothers in arms; it was actually rather interesting to hear them chat amongst themselves. The whole experience thus far has been so chill and relaxing, and is just what I needed. I have about a week left of my vacation, a week left before I have to return to a mound of crap that involves my ex-roommate and a gigantic electric bill from my new address which doesn't make any sense. So I get to call the electric people about the matter when I get back to my apartment. I love it out here, but I miss certain elements of the city like having the internet and having things within a reasonable amount of driving time. It's a trade-off I suppose; what you'd rather live without, and what you can live without. Don't know when I'll post again, but I hope everyone is doing okay out there in the world, since I don't have access to my news sources I'm not as aware as I usually am.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Die Along.

And what is a die along you may be precisely asking yourself. Well I was riding with my police friend that I am visiting in Montana for my vacation at the moments, and am actually on break with him right now, which is why I am able to write this up. I have like no access to internet anywhere and it sucks, but I am at least relaxing. The past few days have been mildly interesting, and was the trip to get out here. All I have to say is if you can avoid riding on Delta Airlines then avoid them like the plague; I'm definitely not looking forward to the return trip. Real police work, riding in the car and what not is a whole lot more intense than what it appears like on television or the movies. I have a whole new level of respect for law enforcement officials on the average and what they do. It's been interesting to see the camaraderie that takes place with all of the officers and what not; they're a lot like brothers in a sense and for the most part all of them seem to get along with each other and look out for each other based on what I've seen here in Montana so far. Now it may not be like that everywhere, but I can see it here. Saw the movie Columbiana with my friend a couple of nights ago and would have loved to have written a film review, but that's the thing about not having an internet connection at your finger tips. Zoe Saldana was amazing, and in many regards better than James Bond. I and my friend went in without any expectations and be both came to the conclusion that it was good. It's still just an action film, but it was decent and worth seeing if you want something good that isn't deep. I'll give it an "Admirable Ability." Eventually I'll write a film review and post it on my site, but that might take a while since obtaining the internet will be sparse. This also means that my blogging will be quite sporadic, but vacationing and destressing I suppose sometimes requires those kinds of sacrifices. So far Montana is beautiful, peaceful, and extremely relaxing. One of the first things that I noticed was how quiet it was when I stepped out of the vehicle; no annoying or loud people, no sounds of vehicles speeding by. Green, towering mountains are everywhere, and the other day we went fishing, hiking and had a picnic lunch with some of my friend's family. It was delightful. So future activities include shooting, hiking, rafting, fishing, spider bombing (he's moving into a new place and wants to eliminate all pesty insects and what not), reading, writing, and doing a whole lot of nothing. So while everyone is working I will continue to enjoy my vacation. Oh, and everyone should vacation in Montana; it is.......perfect bliss.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mere Hours....

....Until take off! Then soon I will be in Montana and my wonderful vacation can begin, although getting everything in order for my vacation has been a major pain in the neck. Today that was what it all was about. I think I did everything that I wanted to do, but there were some things that I just didn't do. Right now I'm terribly sleepy, feeling blah and just want to get this vacation started. Did I mention that I hate flying? Well I do, but hopefully tomorrow will be just dandy. Got THOR on Blu-ray and watched it tonight and it still is quite lovely, although it could've been a little longer and still have been alright. Oh well, what's there is good. Neighbors were very loud and rude tonight, could barely hear what I was doing with everything all shut up and what not. People these days are so rude and only look out for themselves and not others, definitely a sign of a deteriorating society. Too bad. Well off to bed, and perhaps I'll get some sleep, but who knows. I usually never sleep the night before I fly, but there is a first time for everything.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Few Days Left.

My vacation keeps coming closer and closer! It is essentially down to one day before I leave, and I haven't even packed yet. As is always the case as of late I am waiting to do all of that tomorrow, which includes a bunch of other things I have to do as well. Hopefully I don't drive myself crazy trying to complete all of them. I am praying that I won't have the time to have pre-flight anxiety like I usually do, because me and airports do not get along very well for whatever reason. Today was very chill and although I wanted to read more of my Walt Disney biography I watched four episodes of Dexter and worked on my website. I put up my summary of the 2011 Summer Blockbuster Review and was I myself intrigued by all of the stats involved so far. The highest grossing film being The Deathly Hallows Pt. II to the worst performing film of the season Cowboys & Aliens to the biggest surprise of the season Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Hollywood had a fairly poor summer, but perhaps it'll wise up and spend less money to make better and higher quality films, but that is doubtful. That was my day; boring, uneventful and completely relaxing, although I did learn that it might not be such a good idea to watch Dexter while I eat dinner again, don't know what I was thinking.

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Title to Add.

In addition to performing crisis intervention and other such things that severely emotionally disturbed children require, I am now a school tutor. All afternoon and evening long I spent with one SED who was doing homework, and he really didn't even need my help as he was very capable, but his neediness was transforming into behavioral problems and so I had to keep an eye on him anyways. It sucked and drained me of my energy, and every time I stood up or sat down my muscles screamed in pain; still feeling that dodgeball game. Want to say happy birthday to my co-worker Olympia, who is wonderful to work with and a whole lot of fun. The angel food cake went over really well, and was perhaps the best I've made in a long time, and the strawberries were just ripe. In a matter of days I will be on my way to Montana! I'm so happy, and enthusiastic that I don't have to do work again until at least the 30th of this month. Well, I'm exhausted so I'm going to thumb through the mail and watch some Star Trek and then sleep, hopefully for a long time.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 10 Years Ago & Dodgeball.

Now a little over 10 years ago, at least four planes crashed that were used in an unparalleled terrorist attack on American soil. Three were successful in their attempts, one thank goodness was not. Today I would like to thank the men and women who bravely helped, rescued, and cared for victims and survivors of that terrible tragedy. I would also like to thank the American intelligence personnel, government officials, the armed forces, and former President G.W. Bush & President Barrack Obama for not allowing such an even to occur again. Ten years have passed and much has healed, but there still remains a lot of bitterness and hate and I hope that as the years continue to roll by that all of that hate does not become the very thing which American ideals have fought so hard against. My condolences to the families of those that lost someone that day because of the attacks, and it is my prayer that all of you find solace and fulfillment in your remaining years. God be with us all. Now onto something less....deep, although I do not mean to diminish today's significance at all. Overall it was a good day, although the SED's had difficulty comprehending what today was all about, and explaining it to them wasn't very easy. Me and my co-worker however were able to get across the major idea at least, I think so. The real big highlight of the evening was me playing dodgeball, something I haven't really done since.....since...well, I can't remember. Usually I don't play because I get hit in the most uncomfortable areas of my body, but it was not the case today. I did very, very well and hardly got hit out; at times I had some really good "Matrix" moves and then I would get hit in the most ridiculous way. It wore me out dreadfully though and I had to stop towards the end because a leg muscle was starting to cramp up. Now I am so sore because I don't exercise that much like I should, and those muscles aren't used that much being the writer that I am. My goodness, now I know why we played this game in high school during the gym class; it was such great exercise. One of the SED's had a birthday today, and we celebrated it and I made him a chocolate cake. It turned out nicely, but I didn't use my oven, which I will try to use again tomorrow to make another cake for a co-worker's birthday, I used the oven at work. Well there's the day; a lot happening and going on, and as you can imagine I am exhausted. Sleep well everyone and enjoy the beginning of your work week.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alright & Okay.

Well despite getting the cheesecake top apparently crunchy and burnt like, it was actually alright for the most part which makes me even more confused as to what was wrong with my oven. Even though parts of it were dry, it looked actually very moist when I cut it; weird huh. I think an oven thermometer is the best way to go for now. Work went well and there weren't any difficulties, aside from one young lady getting moody because she wasn't getting any "extra" attention or whatever. Was talking to one of the SED's, and he likes reading and writing and he told me about this story he created which is spectacular. I told him it could be the new Harry Potter series if done correctly, because dang he has some really good stuff floating around in his imagination. I only hope that he does something with it, otherwise it will languish forever and what a shame that would be. Well as we Americans enter September 11th; the 10th anniversary of the greatest tragedy of Modern America, I hope that everyone takes a moment to pause and think of what freedom costs, and how important life is. To everyone else, consider your own freedom and life and how much that is worth, and the lives around you as well. God bless and protect America, and God be with the people of world in every step that we take together.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bloody Moving Along.

Well there weren't any blackouts today fortunately and life went on as normal for me. The good new is that I am finished editing my 4th draft of Book 2 and have already printed up a good portion of it so I can give it to my editor at work for the fifth and final draft, although it could almost be a sixth depending on how things go. The book is good as it is, but I think if I read through it again I could still polish it up some more; I guess I'm in that trap as a writer where I could keep changing things until I became blue in the face. There does come a place and time to let it go though and give it wings to see how well it does. Now to move onto other things though, and also to get ready for my vacation which will be beginning next week! I'm really looking forward to it and all of the relaxing and laziness that I will be partaking in. I wrote a review of G.W Bush's memoirs Decision Points and posted it on my website, so stop by and check it out if you think that you might be interested in reading it. I watched Dexter again now starting season 5, and it's fairly interesting thus far although the ending of season 4 (which was amazing) was very sad, but no spoilers here. I made a cheesecake for a client of mine at work, and the mixing and prepping process went wonderfully, but the baking part was a tragedy. Unfortunately, the oven at my new apartment isn't calibrated well at all and must run incredible hot because my cheesecake was completely finished fifteen minutes early, and even then I was suppose to let it sit in the oven for an hour with the stove off to let it finish cooking. To say the least the top part at least is a little crisp, and the whole thing will most likely be kind of dry, but what can you do. I was angry and now am very sad and irritated if this is how my baking is going to go. I guess I'm going to have to get an oven thermometer and keep a closer eye on everything. Blast it all, it's just so irritating when it doesn't come out right. Live, learn and move on I suppose. My work week begins again (last one before my vacation) so we'll see what happens this week that's exciting, which is hopefully nothing.

The Blackout.

Where were you when this happened, and what was your story? These questions I ask to the individuals who were without power from 3:40pm-12:00am in the San Diego area and other parts of Southern California and the south corner of this part of the world. Me? I was in my apartment reading a book when it happened, and at first I didn't think much of it but then as time passed, I grew a little more concerned. Then after my cell phone's battery went dead I was completely cut off, because I wasn't going to drive somewhere with everyone else driving around that didn't know what was going on without any power to traffic signals. Since it was so hot, I couldn't focus and read, so I used my i-pod to listen to music until it ran out of battery power. I then got my old discman-walker that I hadn't really used since High School and put batteries in it and listened to CDs. What follows written below is what I wrote and thought last night during the blackout, although being the writer I am I couldn't help but make it sound....somewhat fictional like. It is obvious though from when I start writing to when I begin to lose my fictional like writing and favor a more straightforward approach.

September 8th, 2011. As I lay here on the carpet and write this by candle light I feel like the writers of old. However, I'm certain that they didn't have a CD player/discman-walker with music playing through headphones that was battery operated. Nor do I believe that their candles were scented. One thing is for certain though, they didn't have air conditioning to fight off the blistering heat. Nor did they have refrigerators to keep everything frozen and cool. The internet and computers did not exist yet to find out immediately why things were happening. People had to wait days if not weeks for news of any kind at the best of times. I wonder if they ever felt isolated or disconnected to the world? In this day and age, Americans have grown comfortable with having not only all of their needs at their fingertips but also their wants and desires. I'm not to be excluded in this whatsoever. I was planning on editing some written material on my computer, after which I would have baked myself a frozen pizza and watched a film from Netflix. Sounds like a usual evening for an American writer perhaps. Instead I find myself with no electricity and no cell phone that works because I have no electricity to charge it with. The inside of my apartment is hot and filled with shadows cast from the candles. This is nothing compared to outside of my small one bedroom apartment. All is dark and people move about with flashlights beaming through the uncomfortable, foreboding darkness. Everyone speaks in hushed whispers as if something were about to happen. Windows of apartments across the way are eerily dark and vacant looking. Beyond that, the lights of the city appear doused  as if extinguished by a gust of wind. What has happened to cause this event? Has the mythological apocalypse begun? Have terrorists struck again so close to the anniversary of ten years ago? What is the government doing to solve this crisis? These questions race through my mind with barely enough time to ponder and process what is happening. I have asked God numerous times to restore the electricity, but my requests have gone unanswered, thus far. It is now 8:45pm and the electricity  has been out according to my estimates since 3:45pm. I keep hoping that the power will return before I fall asleep, but perhaps it will not. This shouldn't scare me so. After all in Wisconsin several times while growing up we went without electricity for long times because of tornadoes and thunderstorms. However, none of that has happened here and not knowing is infuriating and gnawing at me. I have heard people say that this phenomenon is widespread going far into other states, while others just mentioned it being confined  to San Diego County. I'm afraid of the uncertainty, of not knowing what's to blame for this colossal inconvenience. Yes that is what it is since I am not dying, but greatly inconvenient since I just went grocery shopping the other day. Inconvenient because I am dripping sweat and there is nothing I can do about it except drink water and fan myself. Granted things could be much worse, but I like so many are used to having everything we need and desire right when we want it. And we eventually get very irritated  if the crisis isn't fixed quickly if there is no explanation given. So here I sit writing trying to amuse myself and pass the time while I listen to love themes on my discman-walker that I haven't really used since high school. Checking in again with the watch, I find that it is 9:18pm and time continues to pass by slowly. My agitation is steadily growing, and I am asking myself questions about how this could have happened, and wondering what someone is trying to do to fix it. Despite the setting of the sun the interior of my apartment remains quite hot which is further fueling my frustrations. I really wish I knew what was happening and why; my concern continues to mount. All I'm saying is there better be a damn good explanation why all of this happened for so long after all of the dust settles.               -End Log

After that point I couldn't focus writing anymore. I then got the brilliant idea to go out on my porch and sit since it was much cooler. Eventually I got a blanket and laid down on it while I listened to my music, it was actually quite lovely, even though I was laying on cement, but it was so much more cooler. I drifted in and out of sleep for about an hour and a half. Around 11pm I went to bed and about an hour later I believe the power went back on, and an hour after that I awoke to a bunch of shouting coming from outside. At that point I saw my alarm clock was on. I then directed a fan on me, turned it on and returned to sleep. Thus the inconvenient power outage was over, and as I read the newspaper and other reports from this morning I hear that it happened most likely because of an employee made a mistake. So much for a good explanation. Fear and the unknown can make one think and feel very odd things. I learned many things from this adventure, but most important I learned that I need something more to do if it ever happens again; like having crossword puzzles or word searches handy to make the time go by faster.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weeping with Nietzsche.

Today was as yesterday rather ordinary, although I was a little more busy. The heat kept up all day long and was roasting hot bright and early around 10am. Yuck! Not only is it hot, but there is a lot of humidity as well, which makes everything worse. Once again, I thought that I left that crappy weather in Illinois, but it continues to follow me. My air conditioner (I relented and turned it on) doesn't work the most efficiently and it is very difficult for me to concentrate and write when I am uncomfortably warm. I was able to edit two more chapters in Book II, which leaves me only 2 chapters left to edit and then the epilogue! I am enthused beyond imagination that I am near completion for this round of edits. Now I will be able to focus on some other things for a while before once again editing through Book II one last time before handing it over to the publisher. The ending is really good and I am beginning to once again get excited for the book. I honestly do not know where the time went for the day, so I didn't get much writing done. Hopefully that will change tomorrow. I updated my website some more and am developing some ideas for it, although with everything going on I don't know how likely it is that I will be able to put these ideas into practice. Tonight I watched a film called When Nietzsche Wept. It was going to be I thought a German speaking foreign film from the looks of it and the subject matter as well, but it was English speaking. This didn't diminish the film in any way. I really, really enjoyed the film. I know very little about Nietzsche and therefore am uncertain how accurate this film depicts reality, or even the man and his work for that matter. What also drew me to the film besides the great philosopher was Sigmund Freud, although he had a smaller role then I was led to believe from the premise of the film provided. In summary the film was about Nietzsche, and a well established Viennese doctor, Josef Breuer, and how the two men help each other to resolve impending crises in each other's lives. If you have a grasp of philosophy and psychology in the late 19th century, then so much of this film is very fascinating. The acting by Ben Cross (Breuer) and Armand Assante (Nietzsche) with their perspective characters was amazing. I was personally thrilled to see a young Sigmund Freud (Jamie Elman) and where many of his ideas for psychoanalysis originated from, if that part of the film is accurate to history in any measure. The dialog was witty and cunning, and from what I understand a great deal of what Nietzsche said was taken from his writings, which now I am interested to get a hold of and read. The film was also portrayed in its era immensely well, and since I am a huge fan of historical film I was delightedly impressed. Some of the visuals for dream sequences looked a little cheesy, but they were dreams after all so I'm not going to make a big fuss about it. There were some really intense scenes and there were moments of the film that I didn't completely understand, but all of that is negligible. If you like psychology or philosophy then I suggest you watch this film, and even if you don't it still remains a good film with a rather remarkable story about a man and his quest to make his own decisions for his life. What most average men struggle with; commanding one's own destiny from one's own dreams and desires. It earns a "Strong Ability" and I admit that someday I will see it again, perhaps after I have read Nietzsche's writings, or at least some of them. 
"We are more in love with desire than the desired." -Nietzsche

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to Normal.

Well after a little over a week off of writing I am back with a vengeance!.....well sort of. After doing a little bit of grocery shopping, I sat down and edited another screenplay for my friend's audio drama and the really cool thing is that we're getting close to finishing all of the screenplays and the story. I'm not quite certain how he is going to proceed next once all of the writing is done, but it is beginning to become really exciting. I really hope that it works out to be something close to both of our expectations. Although I wasn't able to get any editing completed for Book II today (I had two lengthy conversations on the phone), I will leave that for tomorrow as I have plenty of time this week and no irritants to deal with. During dinner I watched the film Monster, which I had been wanting to see for a while. Charlize Theron plays the female serial killer with a brutalized past. It is very dark, and nothing lighthearted about it whatsoever. It was relatively done well, although the only reason why I'd want to see this film again is to see Charlize Theron's performance which was essentially the only endearing trait of this film aside from the screenplay. She pulled off a tremendous effort, and she really embodied the character almost seemingly perfectly. But, it get's a "Yearning Ability" because it just didn't cut it really well against the whole spectrum of criteria. Aside from all of that and editing my website, my day was relatively uninteresting. It got so hot today though, and even now as I write this I feel like I'm going to melt (trying to conserve money by not using the air conditioning). Hopefully the heat goes away soon though considering I would think that it is suppose to be cooling down what with it being September and all. Well that's all folks, hope everyone hangs in there as it seems the world is going a little dark for the time being.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor! You're suppose to be Laboring!.....

....That's what you get for not having an education." That was taken in parts from a quote from the film Real Genius (absolutely hysterical comedy from the 80's, you should check it out). Today here in the United States we are celebrating the people who labor, though I am not familiar as to the reason or history behind this national holiday. For me, there was no better way to celebrate then working. The SED's that I worked with did fairly well, and to celebrate I made omelette's for dinner and they were of course a huge success. I really don't know why we Americans have this holiday, but for those whom were able to have the day off from work and enjoy it, good for all of you. Some sad and irritable news that I heard from my mother via text message this evening was that her house was broken into and several valuable things were stolen, including her jewelery box (she's had for ages) and the Kindle that me and my sisters got her for Christmas. I was very angry and upset that someone would do that to my mother, who has never provoked anyone to do such a hateful thing. Just goes to show that no matter where you are or who you are, evil things can always happen and bad people are always lurking around. Hope everyone enjoys their work week as I enjoy my days off, although I have a ton of writing to catch up on. Blah!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

How Many Times.....

.....Do I have to say it! I don't know how many times I thought or spoke these words in frustration today to the SED's. You'd think that after a few years of being in the same exact program with the same rules and what not, and it being so structured that they'd remember that there are certain things that they can and cannot do. Yet I found myself constantly repeating myself. There was this one SED that was irritating and so rude today all of the time that I really wanted to....well use some intervention methods that would be considered unconventional. However, I did my best to remain calm yet firm and direct. Oh yeah, two male clients flashed each other's genitals to each other for who know's why really; that was a "fun" mess to sort out. Screaming just really gets on my nerves you know, especially when I'm tired, and high pitched, elongated screams are even worse. Young girls with no manners, boundaries, common consideration or respect are awful. Fortunately, no one tried to jump off of the roof today, but I did get to escort an SED that tried to bite and kick me several times; he was quite a wretch. (switching gears) Well so far it is wonderful beyond words how lovely it is coming to a quiet and clean residence after a long day of work. I can relax and chill without any irritating............problems or vacillating individuals. Right now I am very, very sleepy so we'll see if I can stay awake through an episode of Star Trek.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What Happened?

Have you ever felt like you've been gone from work either a short amount of time and you feel like you've been gone for weeks and all of these new things happened, or in fact you actually were gone for a couple of weeks and you feel like it's been months? Well I felt like the first one today. When I got to work this morning one of my main co-workers informed me of a few new changes, which were good mostly, and then one change in particular that wasn't very good. I won't repeat much of what I was told, but someone was fired for some improper handling of a crisis with a client, and it was pretty bad. What can you do, some people just snap because they cannot balance their personal life with their professional life. For the most part though all of the SED's behaved well around me; I've learned that if you nip the little stuff in the backside then things can stay fairly calm. Bad things happen when you are not paying attention very well. Actually one exciting thing that happened (despite it being a very, very negative instance) was this one SED attempted to try and throw himself off the roof, but we were able to keep him from doing so. I had to climb up on top of the roof and do what I could to help out, but by that time most of everything was under control. Fortunately nobody was injured and my co-workers successfully got the SED down from the roof in one piece. That was the majority of the excitement of the day, at least from what I can recall. Things seem a little hazy now that I am trying to recall them. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Free At Last!

Finally after many, many months and a lot of stress I have at last moved out of my old apartment and into a new one all by myself. I am spending my second night in it tonight and so far it is a wonderful thing. I got the internet hooked up today after a few absent days of being disconnected to the web, but sometimes in life things happen and you just have to go with the flow of them. Needless to say, writing hasn't been on my mind much this week. Moving sucked up all of Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I spent almost all of Thursday unpacking and organizing. I am very proud to say that everything is in it's place and decorated with nothing further to do except for me to lounge about and enjoy the lack of an irritating roommate. I won't regale all of you with the tales of my moving, but let's just say that moving the furniture was a whole lot easier than moving all of the boxes and what not by myself. I will never do all of that by myself again (unless circumstances make it thus I guess). I had a good friend, Tim, help me with all of the furniture and leftover stuff and we got it done in good time. I parted ways with my roommate on indifferent terms, which of course he ended up lying and cheating his way out of money that he still owes me. He still claims that he'll pay me the money, but I highly doubt that; he has done nothing but manipulate and lie since we began rooming together. Now he can do it to the people he is living with. It was very angering for me, and I struggled not to lose my temper, make vile statements and use obscene language. I do have an eventual bright side to all of that though. He might have dishonorably gone back on his word and not repaid me the money owed and now he doesn't have the obligation or daily reminder to give me the money. However, I am certain that my life is going to always be much more pleasant and worth living than his. He is unemployed, hangs around despicable people like him, has no money to speak of, and always complains about all kinds of crap happening in his life. After all, whoever loves pleasure he or she will be poor. Finally after I had finished getting everything ready for the night on Wednesday to relax (which included a last minute stop at Target to pick up a few things, setting up the TV, cleaning the shower, taking a shower, and making dinner) I was able to sit down and drink almost an entire bottle of sparkling grape juice while I ate pizza and watched The Empire Strikes Back, which I thought was a fantastic way to christen my new apartment. Metaphorically speaking of course, the Empire did strike back that night, and with an enthusiastic vengeance. Now as I begin a new work weekend I usher in a new system of habits and a routine that needed to become flexible because of who I was living with. Now I can have a much more reliable and predictable daily life which I believe will greatly improve my writing not only because my stress level will be greatly reduced, but also because my creativity will not be impeded by idiocy. Well, I hope that all of you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the new month....we'll see how many new surprises there will be.