Sunday, August 7, 2011

The World Growing Smaller

Work was a rather interesting and charming day. The whole day began with a lovely trip to church, which was immeasurably refreshing. The preacher/teacher spoke on the topic of 'prayer to God' and that followers of Christ need to pray more regularly and desire that closer relationship with God Almighty (I'm summing up all of it, so those few words don't do the whole 40 minute message justice). After returning to my apartment and prepping myself for work, I left and when I arrived the most ridiculously wonderful thing happened; I saw a former college professor walking into the facility with her daughter in tow. You see, there were a bunch of kids with their mothers present who were working together to put on activities for the SED's. We chatted a little bit and got caught up, but it was one of those surreal moments where the world is definitely getting smaller. I think that happens more as one ages. She was a good professor, and I learned how to really, really research effectively and exhaustively from her, not to mention professional public speaking skills. Thank you Dr. Gates. The rest of the evening went without problems, until this one SED was having some difficulties going to bed when I asked her to. She tantrummed, hit, kicked, punched, and attacked me with a large plastic tray. It was all over very quickly though, and while the SED and I were processing (once she calmed down), she told me some stories about her mother running away from the police before she and her sister were picked up by the county. And a story about how she saw her sister raped and beaten when she was only 6 years old. It was pretty deep and hard stuff to hear and there was nothing I could say, because it was clear that she was not okay nor would be until those thoughts and memories reburied themselves back in her mind. What do you say to that? College classes do not prepare you for situations like that, you fly by the seat of your pants, dress, robe, or skirt. Well that was that, and perhaps tomorrow we'll be due for another incident from a different SED, but I hope not. Sleep well everyone, and remember to pray for those who are far less fortunate, far less loved than you.

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