Friday, August 5, 2011

Work and a Show.

Work went very well today, aside from an SED tantruming at 7am because he didn't want to go to the doctor. Charming little bugger woke a few of the other kids up, and it was so challenging for me not to get overly angry or appear overly irritated. I survived the shift overall though unscathed and am looking forward to another day tomorrow (that was so much sarcasm right there if you didn't see it right away). Well. I got back from work and was very, very lazy. I made myself dinner and while I was waiting for it to finish I did some editing on my associate's audio drama, and then once I was finished with that I sat down to watch 4 episodes of Damages season 3. It is actually quite fantastic and the character growth is amazing since the first two seasons. I have one more disc to go before I'm done with season 3 as it is actually quite addicting. Other than that, I did nothing all day, although I had a rather fascinating conversation with a co-worker about sociopaths. The weekend is going to be long, but come Wednesday of next week it will all be worth it (that's when I get paid).

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