Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sugar Craze!

Yep that's right I was craving sugar in the middle of the day and then throughout the rest of the day. I'm trying to quit something that has become a bad habit over the years, and it has been difficult to stop it. However, sugar apparently is one thing that takes my mind off of the stress from trying to quit. Anyways, a good co-worker friend of mine made these delicious cupcakes with Swedish fish and sour gummy strings and they were so delicious and a complete answer to prayer! Thank you Stevie; you're amazing! As a whole, the work day went relatively well without any difficulties with the exception of one SED who was a having a conversation with his stomach. He was literally talking to his stomach and answering back, and he even threatened to cut off his stomach and get a new one that was slimmer and could metal of something like that. He is a very, very strange child. That was only the peak of the iceberg; he did many other things constantly throughout the day. Well that's it for tonight. Sleep well and eat lots of sugar! Or candy rather, I myself prefer laffy taffy.

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