Monday, August 8, 2011

Spider-Man Tag.

Well one thing I learned today is that I am not spider-man by any stretch of the imagination. While playing freeze tag with a bunch of the SED's at work on this type of jungle gym thing, I was running and leaping over metals bars and walls. However, as I was leaping off of one bar down to the ground to catch an SED, he ran not away from me but towards the area that I was going to be landing on. Deciding it wouldn't be a fantastic idea to crush this SED, I somehow moved out of the way and landed painfully on my left knee. When the dust settled, I learned that I had torn my pants on the knee and that I was bleeding quite profusely. It didn't start hurting until about two minutes later and then after I bandaged my knee up, it became very difficult to move and bend my left knee. After I got home I took the band aids and tape (to keep the band aids on) off from around my very, very hairy legs. To say the least, it was painful, excruciatingly painful but I'm alive and there is no permanent damage so all is well. The remaining part of the shift went without any difficulties, although my writing group was horrible. This one SED told me right in front of all of the kids that what I was doing in the group was horrible, and it had failed miserably and everyone in the group was unfocused and extremely hyper. I was irritated but I ignored it and moved on. As it is, I think that I am done with my writing group as it is more stress than it is worth and the SED's don't seem to care at all. Anyways. That was my day, and now for Star Trek the Next Generation and then sleep; hopefully a lot of it.

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