Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saying Goodbye.

There's an old saying. Instead of saying goodbye, you say good journey; live the journey, for every destination is but a doorway for another. Actually, I stole that from Masters of the Universe, but it works well enough outside of the film. I went and had lunch with a good friend of mine that I have known since my junior year of college, and he told me that he was leaving for Northern Iraq next Tuesday! All I could say was wow (actually I think that I said it in abundance). He's going to teach English in a school. It was weird, as we were parting ways, it felt very strange....almost difficult to say farewell. I always hate it when I part ways with good friends. He's a good man, a good friend and I will miss him greatly. I wish him all the best of luck and good fortune though as he debarks to teach English in that region of the world. God bless you Paul, and may you have wonderful stories to tell one day. Aside from that interlude, the day wasn't that productive. I was suppose to get a lot done, but I was actually quite lazy. As usual I like to leave everything for Friday for some odd reason, perhaps the pressure of that being my last day off gets me to be productive. I think however that I might have found an apartment, so keep your fingers crossed as I go to check it out tomorrow. I am so over looking for an apartment and just want to find one and get on with life. I'm also getting my Montana vacation planned; it's very expensive to fly. But I suppose it's a luxury that one has to pay for, because I ain't going to drive all the way out there in my....antiquated vehicle. I was able to get some editing for Book 2 done, and I almost edited some more but I was like 'what the heck, I really don't want to', and so I didn't. I promised myself I'd do a lot of editing tomorrow, so we'll see if that comes to fruition. I got a new book from the library Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination. It should be a fantastic read to get inside of one of the greatest American storytellers of the 20th Century (the other being George Lucas). Well that's all folks. And Remember that if you want to have great stories to tell, then you have to take great risks, or risk having nothing worth to tell .

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