Friday, August 19, 2011

Relaxing Unproductiveness.

I did get some stuff accomplished today, but nothing really having to do personally with furthering my dreams or goals....which actually now that I think about it could be construed as wrong, depending on how one views the impact of what one does. At any rate I went to the goodbye party for the SED today at my job and it went very well. He liked the cake and the "Lifebook," or at least he didn't say anything about not liking it so that was positive at least. People said their good memories and their goodbyes, and then he left and I cleaned up the room. When a co-worker asked if I missed him, I came to the conclusion that I was essentially indifferent. I hadn't grown very attached to this child whatsoever; he was very difficult to show true empathy for (since he is a blooming sociopath). I chatted with his program social worker afterwards and we both wished him the best, but remained ambivalent whether or not he was ready to depart the facility, but the county of San Diego does as it pleases. There's this one SED at our facility who was placed back with his abusive parents, despite his objections and fears at the behest of the county, and this time his abusive parents put him in the hospital with serious injuries. It was very sad to hear, but California in general has very poor and ineffective laws concerning the mentally ill, Illinois is far better at handling this particular population, at least in my humble opinion. After that I essentially rested and relaxed for the rest of the day. I spoke with one of my sisters and my mother which took 2 hrs of my day and did some reading. I almost edited some of Book 2, but I wasn't feeling it and I really didn't want to make myself edit when I wasn't in the mood. It was in essence a rather boring day, but I was able to relax and chill somewhat which was nice. So I'm going to sleep and preparing for work tomorrow. I honestly cannot wait until this month is over and done; this moving crap is throwing me off.

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