Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Despite interruptions with the internet, technical difficulties with Google, forgetfulness, and exhaustion I was able to blog for one whole year. Even though it wasn't consecutively, I was able to do it. I actually missed out on blogging about the date which a year ago I actually launched the blog on; August 21st. It was actually a relatively amusing blog entry to read about, especially where I am right now with my life. I really love writing, and I am thrilled that this medium of writing is available to me. Anyways. My writing is most likely going to be thin over the next couple of weeks since I will be moving and getting all settled. And yes I have found an apartment at last!!! It isn't my ideal living situation, but the unit is sweet (it has central air & heat!) and is in a relatively nice location and also has the appropriate amount of room; a loft wasn't for me. So there it is, two week from now I will be settled in my own place with no irritating, vacillating, and infuriating roommates. My own schedule, my own stuff, my own rules; thank God. Well aside from doing a lot of packing today and seeing the apartment, I did nothing. I finally after all of these years watched A Nightmare Before Christmas and loved it. It was a whole lot of fun, and I will say that the star of the show was Danny Elfman whose clever lyrics and fantastic music inspired and thrilled the entire time (he is also a great singer). One song in particular I found very entrancing; Jack's Lament. There is something about the music, especially when it get's to the chorus (when he sings with the moon behind him), that is so...hypnotic sounding. I love it! It is a rather momentous day considering I had no idea where I would be living a few days ago, but it all feels rather anti-climactic, getting my own place I mean. I suppose as one gets older these new experiences seem less big then when one was experiencing them as a young, and naive adult. Tomorrow I drop some paperwork off at the new place, and hopefully there won't be any snags. Two months ago it seemed impossible and forever that I would arrive at this point, but now...it is a matter of weeks and days. Patience is so rewarding.

 "Jack's Lament"

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