Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Much to Do.

As I sat down to do something at my computer tonight, I wrote a list of things to do before Saturday, and so far I've only gotten one thing on my list accomplished, but that isn't because I've been lazy like usual. Today was actually very productive. I edited two chapters for Book 2, I edited a screenplay for my friend, I wrote review for Rise of the Planet of the Apes (since I was too busy yesterday to write one, or rather out of energy) and did other.....things. For some odd reason I wanted to watch X-Men 3: The Last Stand and so I did. It actually has a lot of good character and plot elements, but overall it is rather "blah" and pales in comparison to X2: X-Men United. It was a lovely distraction though before I did some more work. I really would love to do more writing aside from editing my friend's screenplays and editing my book, but I'm unfortunately on a timetable that I can't dilly dally around with. My goal is to edit two chapters a day, if not more for Book 2, and if my friend sends any screenplays my way I have to edit them asap and get them back to him. It sucks. Especially with everything that I have going on this month, what with moving and dealing with a set of irritating and lazy roommates.More time and energy would be fantastic if anybody has some extra of either that they could spare. I am going to take a very long and nice vacation to Montana though in September, and boy is that going to be amazing! Hopefully I'll have internet access, otherwise it'll make life a little difficult. I really do want to get away from people in the peaceful remote regions of that state, but the internet is one thing that I almost can say that I cannot live without, but that is mainly because of my writing career. I am not addicted to YouTube, Facebook, or Hulu; those people need productive and useful hobbies instead of filling their meaningless consumer driven lives with essentially nothing. Once more I got on my soap box; time to move on. The vacation however is next month. Right now I feel completely blah, so I'm signing off and hoping that tomorrow continues my excellent pace of productivity.

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