Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Much of Nothing.

I cannot wait to get out of this blasted roommate situation that I am stuck in. I know that I only have less than a month to go, but every day seems like a week. I'm sick and tired of his rude and obnoxious behavior, he does nothing around the apartment except play video games, watch television shows, and smoke cigarettes and other....things. The epitome of laziness. He is the type of person that all he cares about is pleasure, and if he could make it so he'd never have to work all he'd do is indulge himself all....day.....long. He only cares about himself and his needs, and he only is mindful of others when their and his needs are the same. How I ultimately became his roommate, that was a huge joke on me from....well....I guess it would be rather over the top for me to write that down. I simply cannot wait for it all to end. There I vented. Moving on. Hardly got any work done today (at least writing wise). See how crap in your life can keep you from doing the things that you truly desire to do. I did my usual cleaning in the apartment which took a while, and then I rewarded myself for that and the long work weekend I had by playing a computer game. I played it longer than I wanted to, but as I mentioned it was a very long weekend. I edited another episode for my associate's audio drama, and him and I spoke about one of my maps for Book 2 so we could get the geography layout correct, and where all of the pertinent names and what not went. It was cool, and makes me excited about the whole thing and how it's going to turn out. Designing a map from scratch, and geography is more difficult then it would seem; I should have had a....map person help me out in the beginning, but I hadn't a clue what I was doing the first time around. It does indeed pay to be prepared, especially when you're a writer/author. Netflix, or rather my roommate's X-box, wasn't working so I played a DVD episode from The Tudors and it was lovely transporting myself to that era, despite hearing my roommate's cellphone go "DROID" every now and then. I think I may take all of this crap between the two of us and make some sort of comedy, or perhaps drama, therefore I can at least get something out of this horrendous mistake of mine. Saw the trailer for Red Tails, George Lucas' latest film about African American WWII pilots. It looks really good, and there is also a significant cast. Should be interesting to see a film unrelated to fantasy written by George.


  1. Ha ha ha You make me laugh! We need to hang out more. What the last time was when we went to see HP Deathly Hallows 1! To long my friend to long.

  2. Too true indeed we should. Give me a ring, text, or hit me up on facebook; it'd be awesome to see you again, especially since it's been so long.