Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Long Day of Work.

Actually it wasn't too long a day I suppose, but the am shift certainly was. I wasn't working with a staff that I usually worked with, and she was completely useless, lazy, and not even paying attention to the SED's. She slept on the couch covered in a blanket and watched television when she first got there, and then after that throughout the rest of the shift she was texting on her cellphone. She would always ask if there was something she could do, but she always picked a time when nothing was happening, and when I could have used some assistance she was texting, talking, or daydreaming. I wasn't very happy, and I'm really sick of New Alternatives (the company I work for) employing poor staff and not doing anything about getting rid of them and perhaps locating staff with a better work ethic. Fortunately the evening went much better, as I had far more capable staff, and all three of us got along really well and had a blast. The SED's only instigated and tried to attack each other, but nothing major, and no major tantrums with screaming thank goodness. Well tomorrow is my last work day at the "old apartment" and very soon I will be at the new place. What a wonderful thing that will be. I just have to finish up all of the last minute things before moving out. Almost there.

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