Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Hate Moving!

I am so sore right now, and it sucks. The good news though is that the majority of my stuff has been moved to my new apartment, although it took a great deal of energy and effort and I feel as if I am completely spent body, mind and soul. I got up bright and early this morning to pack up the car and finalize the lease details. I was originally suppose to have some help from a friend, but that individual decided something else was more important and did that instead. It was frustrating and saddened me that I couldn't even count on an individual that I thought was a very, very close friend of mine. On average, people suck and it's getting worse every year unfortunately....or at least it seems that way. I never realized how much more additional stuff that I had accumulated until I moved most of it today. Books and dishes were the heaviest boxes, and by that time sweat was dripping down from my forehead as if I was in the middle of a rainstorm. Fortunately God kept the weather relatively cool so I wouldn't roast and pass out. Thank you God. The apartment itself is very nice, and looked even better after I decorated and arranged stuff in the places that it would go tomorrow when I have the additional energy to finishing hanging pictures and what not. I need more furniture though, but I don't think that I want a couch. I have some shopping to do. Tonight is the last night that I will sleep at my old apartment and spend with my old roommate. You'd think there'd be some sorrow with parting ways after almost two years of living together, but I feel nothing and I'm sure he doesn't care at all either. He has his posse to spend time with now, which will also be living with him. They're quite a rowdy and crass bunch as well. I told him that he'll miss me in three months...I wonder if that will really happen? Well after a very long day, my body is physically exhausted and I am very sleepy. I'm going to read some more about Walt Disney and how he made his first animated feature film Snow White and then drift into sleep.

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