Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot and Getting Hotter.

Apparently it is getting really hot finally all over the United States (I don't know about the rest of the world). I measure how hot it is when I finally have to have the A/C unit on throughout the night and day. That to me means that it is very hot outside. Work went very well today, despite being short staffed for whatever reason; people who do staffing, all the problems that happened tonight, it would be their fault (none of the problems were in my cottage, and there were only 2 of us for 8 kids. Yeah we are that good). This one SED was tantrumming because he had to take a shower because he crapped himself; I don't know why, but he hates it when he has to shower. He can be a great kid, but he can be a huge SOB a lot of the time. He just had a bad day overall unfortunately. Tonight my co-worker made the best breaded fish and vegetables I have had in a very long time. Thank you so much Olympia for the yummy dinner (it smelled fantastic!). Work is done for the week and now I have to switch gears again and go back to writing. I saw some drafts that my map maker made for my maps for Book 2, and oh my goodness, they are so cool. I can't wait for then entire finished project!

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