Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Green Light.

All paths are cleared, and I will be able to move into my new apartment next week ahead of schedule if everything continues to go according to plan, as God has so marvelously allowed thus far. The day actually seemed rather long. Since I find myself not really living here at my current apartment, but still living here at the same time I feel out of place, and for the most part it seems as if my roommates are treating me as if I was already gone in many respects. Their inconsiderate manners speak volumes. Speaking of which, my original first roommate and I were chatting about my compensation for the money he owes me, and I think that we came up with an amiable solution that will work out for the both of us, although at first he was a very difficult person to deal with. He sees himself as still being the one still who possesses great power and wealth, though he has no job, will have about four roommates once I leave (in a two bedroom apartment), and the only skills he has are locksmithing and playing video games. Him and his compatriots vex me to no end; all they did all day from approximately 10am-8pm was sit in the living room and play video games or watch television. So lazy, and so...well...unproductive. I guess I shouldn't really get so upset about it all, but lazy people get under my skin; it is something that I get from my mother, and something she most likely got from her father. Well anyways, I was able to edit two more chapters from Book 2 today (they were quite long) and I edited some of my website. Eventually once my roommate and all of this compatriots left for a spell (fate gave me a reprieve) I put a movie in, Equilibrium. It is an excellent science fiction/action film. For those of you who haven't seen it, Christian Bale does a fantastic job. There are some parts that seem cheesy and ridiculous at times, but it does fit into that genre and are easily overlooked. Definitely a "Strong Ability" as I have seen it many times with all of its compelling characters and excellent story. Even the action itself hasn't been duplicated in other films with how so much of it was tastefully done. If you haven't seen it then I high advise you to do so. The weekend is coming and soon the countdown will begin. Peace, freedom, and relaxation will soon be a constant in my least when I will be in my apartment........(unless God has another surprise for me).

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