Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting There....

....Now that the work days are over, I can ready myself for moving and tomorrow begin the process at last! Work was....challenging at first and my hands became sore because I was shielding myself from an SED that was tantruming for about 45 minutes, but I survived and he calmed down thankfully. It was essentially a very average day with nothing really to write about worth of note. A few co-workers of mine were exchanging stories about previous clients towards the end of the evening, which was hysterical and all three of us were dying of laughter. You should hear these stories of these SED's and their parents; WOW! It was something. Well I think I finally got everything switched over to my new address, so hopefully I didn't forget anything because lord knows my roommate won't be very helpful in seeing that I get any mail. Very soon I will be writing from a new address, very soon.

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