Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Field Narrows...

....In my search for an apartment, it appears I might have found something that might work perfectly. It's the right proximate distance from my place of employment, it's quiet (from what the ad states), and it seems that it has a nice view all in my price range. I'm ecstatic about it all, and I'm hoping to see it next week since I am working tomorrow. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that part; I switched with someone so I'm working tomorrow and not working Sunday morning. So I can go to church again, since I haven't been in too long of a time. That also means that I will not be able to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes when it is released until Tuesday. Bummer, but it is only delaying the inevitable pain. I really hope that film isn't a waste of my time, as most of the others in that film series were. Today was very, very unproductive. I edited one episode for my friend's audio drama and that was it. The rest of the day I wasted away doing nothing but....playing computer games. That's right, I was sucked into the world of Star Wars taking over the galaxy; can't always make my time productive I suppose. Although I stopped by work to spend time with one of the SED's for about an hour and a half. We had fun, and I was able to distract him for a while with chocolate and movie extras. Later on, back at my place, I watched some of the old animated Spider-Man series from the mid-nineties. I loved that show, and it's still fun. I hope the newest film is able to pull off the wit and humor that the animated series had, and also the very cool villains that weren't...weird, or desperately evil as if it didn't come natural to any of them. Okay, so obviously since I'm talking about a kids animated television show being one of the highlights of my day, that means it's time to sign off. Hope work is great tomorrow, and hope you all have a lovely night.

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