Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Engagement!

And no, I am not getting married and am actually quite far from it indeed. One of my sisters got engaged today to this wonderful man, and he planned the whole thing out perfectly; they make quite the fantastic match. Try as I did to find a fault in this man to make him unworthy to date my sister, there was nothing to discover which was a great relief to all of us. I'm not quite certain when they're going to get married, but according to what they've both said, I get to have a very large part in the future wedding whenever it happens. That was the very, very bright spot to the day even though work was okay for the most part. In the morning I had this one SED soaked in urine attack me, but she wasn't too difficult to help....redirect thankfully. Unfortunately at night this other SED decided to become a miserable fat head and tantrum over not going to bed, or something like that, and disrupted the cottage and everyone in it. I wasn't too pleased but he was able to calm down eventually and fall asleep. That was the day, and I'm glad that it is all almost over. I just have to fall asleep and hope that my.....roommates don't wake me up when they return in the early morning hours like early this morning.

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