Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crazy Madness!

What a blasted day it was! It seemed from the moment that I awoke this morning I was busy doing something and that I really didn't stop until 9:30pm or so. I did some apartment hunting and checked out a place, but that ended up being a waste of time unfortunately. Not a very good neighborhood, not a lot of space, and too much money for too little. It was also very, very hot today in San Diego; if you were in front of the sun it was miserable. On several accounts I thought that I was going to begin melting. Yuck! I really can't wait for the weather to cool off. I spent a great deal of time at work today as well. One of the SED's is leaving this Friday to become adopted, and since I am what is called his primary counselor, I am responsible for putting together what we call a "Life Book." Think of it as a scrapbook for all of the memories he's had since being at the facility I work at, but since this all kind of sprung up on me I had to begin and finish it all today. It took me forever to get pictures, print them, take some additional pictures, and then cut them out and put everything all together. My theme was Star Wars focusing on the darkside, since he was my apprentice and I the master, so it should turn all out quite fantastically when I am finished. I made myself a very late, yummy dinner (I ate around 10pm) and it was maple sausage links, with eggs and biscuits with some almond milk (something that I am still getting use to). I don't know how you all feel about eating breakfast for dinner, but I love it. This is how badly I need to get out of my apartment and far away from my roommates. Some girl they brought over (right in the middle of me watching Law & Order) walked through the door wearing no shirt but just a plain bra. She then proceeded to tell me on her way out that one of the other girls who was with my roommate wanted my "nuts" and that this same girl wanted to strip down naked and get into my bed just to see what I'd do. Apparently she was joking about the whole thing though, but it all seemed rather repulsive; it was as if it was coming from a stripper or a dirty prostitute. I suppose some men would love to hear that kind of filthy conversation, but I personally would prefer to save it for my future wife and her alone. I could have edited some of Book 2 today, but there wasn't any energy, and for some odd reason I felt sick throughout the day as well; very frustrating. Someone at work asked me how I was feeling and I replied "blah." And that was the type of day that it was; very, very blah. I am praying and hoping that I am able to find an apartment soon, otherwise things may get rather dicey. If you pray, then your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Take care everyone.

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