Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy but Slower.

Despite being busy and somewhat stressful, the day was quite productive yet not to the point where I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was able to do what I wanted, but do it in a relaxing way without a rushing feeling to it all; it was quite refreshing. I was able to do some more work on my SED's "Lifebook" and I think by the time that I am done with it, everything all together will look very cool, or at least with as much time that was given me. I hope he likes it at least, but probably not; the child isn't very grateful and is rather very entitled. As long as you give him what he wants he is grateful, but not so much if it isn't what he wanted; I suppose you can't ask for more from a blooming sociopath. Aside from that I also made him his goodbye cake, so we'll see how he likes that; Mr. Picky wanted white cake with light blue frosting. I edited 3 chapters in my book today, which was an excellent accomplishment considering all of the blahness and stress that I have been working with. So I'm remaining on top of that. I also got hold of a place where I might be settling in for an apartment, so hopefully if everything goes according to my hopes, and God shows his favor perhaps this might be the one apartment for me. I'll find out next week, but still, keep your fingers crossed. I was finally able to watch The Eagle and although it was a fairly well done film, the cast was what made it not so good despite how well they tried; I believe they simple cast the wrong people (meaning the 2 main characters). The dialog needed vast improvements, but overall because of it's sheer technical excellence I'm giving it an "Admirable Ability;" it just seemed to lack that basic enthusiasm (for lack of a better word) that draws audiences. Oh well, it was mildly enjoyable, or rather not as horrible as I thought it was going to be. You judge for yourself though. In my opinion, Channing Tatum wasn't the best choice, but I give the man credit; I now believe he can act beyond typical action films, kind of like how I felt about Orlando Bloom until I saw him in Kingdom of Heaven. Good news by the way for Underworld fans; the trailer for the fourth film has been released! It looks interesting, although very different from the first three. I'm uncertain though about where they're taking the film, but regardless it should be fascinating. Have a lovely night everyone.

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