Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apes Rose to the Occasion.

I had a relatively busy day which was unproductive in a productive way. I did go and see Rise of the Planet of the Apes and I was correct in one aspect of my initial impression; I did come away pleased. It is true that I believed the film was going to be horrendous, but it was the complete reverse honestly. It had good characters, meaning James Franco and Andy Serkis' performance of the CGI character Caesar; together they made the film what it was, although I do have to say that Tom Felton makes a good villain. I would definitely watch it again, it had amazing visual effects; the acting that the animated Apes did was truly spectacular. I was even amazed and impressed with the screenplay and the story; for a summer blockbuster type, it certainly possessed a lot of depth. It earns a "Strong Ability" from me with all of the praise that comes with it; and honestly, they came up with a plot ploy that makes Apes ruling the planet and humans becoming subservient that really works fantastically. Later on I ran some errands and met a friend so he could fix some technical difficulties that I was having with my computer, and then went to see an apartment. It was quite an adventure. I got lost/sidetracked while looking for the street that the house was on, and eventually after much looking I was able to find it. However, my joy and hope was crushed when I saw the apartment, which looked incredibly smaller, uglier, and trashier than the pictures on the advertisement depicted, and they also wanted an ungodly amount of money for essentially crap. It was much more expensive then they had let on. So scratch that off my list and back to the drawing board; that really sucks. That is what I meant above; I did a lot today, though without any result. I finished Damages season 3, and all I have to say is that I love that show, and that Martin Short can really act apart from comedy. It was an excellent season and I highly recommend that show to anybody. I made some delicious banana bread for a friend of my mine, and I got some tickets for a lovely production of Mary Poppins for next week! It is going to be extraordinary. Well tomorrow I'm going to catch up with my writing, continue the search for apartments, and get some more rest and relaxation...or something resembling that

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