Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Hate Moving!

I am so sore right now, and it sucks. The good news though is that the majority of my stuff has been moved to my new apartment, although it took a great deal of energy and effort and I feel as if I am completely spent body, mind and soul. I got up bright and early this morning to pack up the car and finalize the lease details. I was originally suppose to have some help from a friend, but that individual decided something else was more important and did that instead. It was frustrating and saddened me that I couldn't even count on an individual that I thought was a very, very close friend of mine. On average, people suck and it's getting worse every year unfortunately....or at least it seems that way. I never realized how much more additional stuff that I had accumulated until I moved most of it today. Books and dishes were the heaviest boxes, and by that time sweat was dripping down from my forehead as if I was in the middle of a rainstorm. Fortunately God kept the weather relatively cool so I wouldn't roast and pass out. Thank you God. The apartment itself is very nice, and looked even better after I decorated and arranged stuff in the places that it would go tomorrow when I have the additional energy to finishing hanging pictures and what not. I need more furniture though, but I don't think that I want a couch. I have some shopping to do. Tonight is the last night that I will sleep at my old apartment and spend with my old roommate. You'd think there'd be some sorrow with parting ways after almost two years of living together, but I feel nothing and I'm sure he doesn't care at all either. He has his posse to spend time with now, which will also be living with him. They're quite a rowdy and crass bunch as well. I told him that he'll miss me in three months...I wonder if that will really happen? Well after a very long day, my body is physically exhausted and I am very sleepy. I'm going to read some more about Walt Disney and how he made his first animated feature film Snow White and then drift into sleep.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting There....

....Now that the work days are over, I can ready myself for moving and tomorrow begin the process at last! Work was....challenging at first and my hands became sore because I was shielding myself from an SED that was tantruming for about 45 minutes, but I survived and he calmed down thankfully. It was essentially a very average day with nothing really to write about worth of note. A few co-workers of mine were exchanging stories about previous clients towards the end of the evening, which was hysterical and all three of us were dying of laughter. You should hear these stories of these SED's and their parents; WOW! It was something. Well I think I finally got everything switched over to my new address, so hopefully I didn't forget anything because lord knows my roommate won't be very helpful in seeing that I get any mail. Very soon I will be writing from a new address, very soon.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Long Day of Work.

Actually it wasn't too long a day I suppose, but the am shift certainly was. I wasn't working with a staff that I usually worked with, and she was completely useless, lazy, and not even paying attention to the SED's. She slept on the couch covered in a blanket and watched television when she first got there, and then after that throughout the rest of the shift she was texting on her cellphone. She would always ask if there was something she could do, but she always picked a time when nothing was happening, and when I could have used some assistance she was texting, talking, or daydreaming. I wasn't very happy, and I'm really sick of New Alternatives (the company I work for) employing poor staff and not doing anything about getting rid of them and perhaps locating staff with a better work ethic. Fortunately the evening went much better, as I had far more capable staff, and all three of us got along really well and had a blast. The SED's only instigated and tried to attack each other, but nothing major, and no major tantrums with screaming thank goodness. Well tomorrow is my last work day at the "old apartment" and very soon I will be at the new place. What a wonderful thing that will be. I just have to finish up all of the last minute things before moving out. Almost there.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Work Again.

Well the first part of the shift today at work went very well, but when I went to a different unit that I don't usually work at...well, to say the least it was quite a challenge. Kids were screaming and tantruming left and right (and they were all boys, that were very hyper and not used to directions being enforced). It wasn't all that bad, but my patience was tested greatly and tomorrow I'm going to be very thankful that I'll be in my usual place. The SED's listen there much more effectively. Other than that, day went very well and nothing interesting to really write about. Two days left of work and then the big move begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Here Comes the Weekend.

My last work weekend at this address has come. At this time next week I will have to make a lengthier trip to get to work than I have made in well over a year. Oh well, not all good things can last forever. Today was fairly boring, especially in the way of writing. I did do some editing for Book 2 and some packing, but for the most part I was just lazy. One of the more monotonous and annoying things that I had to do was update all of the bills and addresses for my new place. Now that I think of it, I keep thinking of more things that I have to switch over; it's a major pain in the backside, but a necessary one. I watched this movie called Tales From Earthsea which was created by the same studio that made such wonders as Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke. It is of course Studio Ghibli and the film bears the familiarity of Hayao Miyazaki, except that the director was Goro Miyazaki. Tales from Earthsea was like the three films I mentioned above in many respects; stunning landscapes, and of course the beautiful hand drawn animation. However, the film frames didn't appear very fluid and had a sort of rigidity to them. The characters were also not that endearing as the ones from the other three films were, and although the story was somewhat interesting, I didn't really care for it too much. It had that mystery where not everything made sense like the 3 other films, but this one's plot and story really didn't make a whole lot of sense. I enjoyed the film though despite all of that, and if you like Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's films then you should see it. The film possesses an "Admirable Ability," not quite as good as the master, but not half bad either. Even though animation can be done so realistically with computers these days, there is something about hand drawn animation (or at least the way Studio Ghibli does it) that is romantic and so breathtaking that computer animation cannot match. I would have liked to seen the film with the original voices instead of the dubbed over English speaking voices, but I wasn't given a choice by Netflix. Oh well. The countdown for moving out continues and now it is only a matter of days. Sleep well world and I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Green Light.

All paths are cleared, and I will be able to move into my new apartment next week ahead of schedule if everything continues to go according to plan, as God has so marvelously allowed thus far. The day actually seemed rather long. Since I find myself not really living here at my current apartment, but still living here at the same time I feel out of place, and for the most part it seems as if my roommates are treating me as if I was already gone in many respects. Their inconsiderate manners speak volumes. Speaking of which, my original first roommate and I were chatting about my compensation for the money he owes me, and I think that we came up with an amiable solution that will work out for the both of us, although at first he was a very difficult person to deal with. He sees himself as still being the one still who possesses great power and wealth, though he has no job, will have about four roommates once I leave (in a two bedroom apartment), and the only skills he has are locksmithing and playing video games. Him and his compatriots vex me to no end; all they did all day from approximately 10am-8pm was sit in the living room and play video games or watch television. So lazy, and so...well...unproductive. I guess I shouldn't really get so upset about it all, but lazy people get under my skin; it is something that I get from my mother, and something she most likely got from her father. Well anyways, I was able to edit two more chapters from Book 2 today (they were quite long) and I edited some of my website. Eventually once my roommate and all of this compatriots left for a spell (fate gave me a reprieve) I put a movie in, Equilibrium. It is an excellent science fiction/action film. For those of you who haven't seen it, Christian Bale does a fantastic job. There are some parts that seem cheesy and ridiculous at times, but it does fit into that genre and are easily overlooked. Definitely a "Strong Ability" as I have seen it many times with all of its compelling characters and excellent story. Even the action itself hasn't been duplicated in other films with how so much of it was tastefully done. If you haven't seen it then I high advise you to do so. The weekend is coming and soon the countdown will begin. Peace, freedom, and relaxation will soon be a constant in my life...at least when I will be in my apartment........(unless God has another surprise for me).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So Far So Good.

Well so far obtaining the apartment is going smoothly, so unless some sort of giant, despicable snag gets in my way I should be moved in by this time next week and eagerly decorating away and putting things in their new place. It thrills me to no end that I will be soon rid of my old roommates and have my very own place. As I was packing tonight I was staring up at the ceiling (who ever thought that packing dishes could be so exhausting) and a smile came to my face as the reality of what I was doing began to sink in. Once I secure the apartment, then I have to get all of the other little details taken care of; electric, internet, and get the address switched over to everything and have my mail forwarded. Blah! Sometimes being a productive and responsible adult sucks, especially when one is alone. Oh well, independence is a two edged sword just like being in a romantic relationship is. I was able to get quite a bit of editing completed today for Book 2 and I am almost over the hill for editing it at last. About 150 pages left to edit and then I hand it off to another editor, and then begin editing something else which will be a lot of work I have a feeling. I watched The Color of Purple tonight at last after these many years, and I must admit that Steven Spielberg is quite a capable director. He is able to show human pain and suffering in such a powerful way, like he did in Schindler's List. I enjoyed the film, as well as Whoopi Goldberg's performance, which was actually quite different than her usual bubbly and outspoken characters. She was quiet, sullen, and obedient without argument; definitely not her usual self. Oprah Winfrey had an outstanding performance as well; her character broke my heart thoguh and I feel great anger about how African Americans were treated back in the first part of the century in the United States. Overall it was well filmed and acted; who knew that Danny Glover could be such a....a....well, portray such a monster. Several times the film dragged on and didn't make a whole lot of sense and I got bored, but it was also terribly heart breaking and exhilarating. I have to say one thing though, it has one of the best endings to a dramatic film that I have seen in such a long time, if not ever. I highly suggest that everyone see this incredible piece of film which I believe possesses a "Strong Ability," despite the objections I mentioned. It captures parts of American history that people should always remember existed. Well that's all folks. Time is going by fast now, and soon much will change for me. My prayers, hopes, and wishes go out to the people of Libya as they transition into a democracy and learn to govern themselves. God be with them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Despite interruptions with the internet, technical difficulties with Google, forgetfulness, and exhaustion I was able to blog for one whole year. Even though it wasn't consecutively, I was able to do it. I actually missed out on blogging about the date which a year ago I actually launched the blog on; August 21st. It was actually a relatively amusing blog entry to read about, especially where I am right now with my life. I really love writing, and I am thrilled that this medium of writing is available to me. Anyways. My writing is most likely going to be thin over the next couple of weeks since I will be moving and getting all settled. And yes I have found an apartment at last!!! It isn't my ideal living situation, but the unit is sweet (it has central air & heat!) and is in a relatively nice location and also has the appropriate amount of room; a loft wasn't for me. So there it is, two week from now I will be settled in my own place with no irritating, vacillating, and infuriating roommates. My own schedule, my own stuff, my own rules; thank God. Well aside from doing a lot of packing today and seeing the apartment, I did nothing. I finally after all of these years watched A Nightmare Before Christmas and loved it. It was a whole lot of fun, and I will say that the star of the show was Danny Elfman whose clever lyrics and fantastic music inspired and thrilled the entire time (he is also a great singer). One song in particular I found very entrancing; Jack's Lament. There is something about the music, especially when it get's to the chorus (when he sings with the moon behind him), that is so...hypnotic sounding. I love it! It is a rather momentous day considering I had no idea where I would be living a few days ago, but it all feels rather anti-climactic, getting my own place I mean. I suppose as one gets older these new experiences seem less big then when one was experiencing them as a young, and naive adult. Tomorrow I drop some paperwork off at the new place, and hopefully there won't be any snags. Two months ago it seemed impossible and forever that I would arrive at this point, but now...it is a matter of weeks and days. Patience is so rewarding.

 "Jack's Lament"

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Need Light to Sleep!

That was the shout of an SED when we were discussing having his bedroom door opened or closed because of his negative behavior. I thought that it was the oddest statement ever, but these kids are rather....well interesting to say the least. I'm really tired, and I just got home and my roommate is already irritating me to death so there you have it. I'm going to go to sleep and then...well the rest it history. Goodnight everyone.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seemingly Long.

Well although it wasn't too difficult of a shift, I certainly feel quite tired. I had two major behaviors, but those SED's were relatively simple to eventually redirect (which might have something to do with the fact that they know they can't pull one over on me). Stick to your guns no matter how hard the wind blows, and they'll learn not to blow. Well the rest of the day was fine, but nothing really interesting happened, at least I don't think it did; I don't know it's all a kind of blur. That's what happens when you work two doubles back to back...things begin to mesh together, without any sense or reason. Well tomorrow is my last work day for this weekend and then I get really busy; apartment hunting will hopefully come to a close by the middle of this week. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Engagement!

And no, I am not getting married and am actually quite far from it indeed. One of my sisters got engaged today to this wonderful man, and he planned the whole thing out perfectly; they make quite the fantastic match. Try as I did to find a fault in this man to make him unworthy to date my sister, there was nothing to discover which was a great relief to all of us. I'm not quite certain when they're going to get married, but according to what they've both said, I get to have a very large part in the future wedding whenever it happens. That was the very, very bright spot to the day even though work was okay for the most part. In the morning I had this one SED soaked in urine attack me, but she wasn't too difficult to help....redirect thankfully. Unfortunately at night this other SED decided to become a miserable fat head and tantrum over not going to bed, or something like that, and disrupted the cottage and everyone in it. I wasn't too pleased but he was able to calm down eventually and fall asleep. That was the day, and I'm glad that it is all almost over. I just have to fall asleep and hope that my.....roommates don't wake me up when they return in the early morning hours like early this morning.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Relaxing Unproductiveness.

I did get some stuff accomplished today, but nothing really having to do personally with furthering my dreams or goals....which actually now that I think about it could be construed as wrong, depending on how one views the impact of what one does. At any rate I went to the goodbye party for the SED today at my job and it went very well. He liked the cake and the "Lifebook," or at least he didn't say anything about not liking it so that was positive at least. People said their good memories and their goodbyes, and then he left and I cleaned up the room. When a co-worker asked if I missed him, I came to the conclusion that I was essentially indifferent. I hadn't grown very attached to this child whatsoever; he was very difficult to show true empathy for (since he is a blooming sociopath). I chatted with his program social worker afterwards and we both wished him the best, but remained ambivalent whether or not he was ready to depart the facility, but the county of San Diego does as it pleases. There's this one SED at our facility who was placed back with his abusive parents, despite his objections and fears at the behest of the county, and this time his abusive parents put him in the hospital with serious injuries. It was very sad to hear, but California in general has very poor and ineffective laws concerning the mentally ill, Illinois is far better at handling this particular population, at least in my humble opinion. After that I essentially rested and relaxed for the rest of the day. I spoke with one of my sisters and my mother which took 2 hrs of my day and did some reading. I almost edited some of Book 2, but I wasn't feeling it and I really didn't want to make myself edit when I wasn't in the mood. It was in essence a rather boring day, but I was able to relax and chill somewhat which was nice. So I'm going to sleep and preparing for work tomorrow. I honestly cannot wait until this month is over and done; this moving crap is throwing me off.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy but Slower.

Despite being busy and somewhat stressful, the day was quite productive yet not to the point where I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was able to do what I wanted, but do it in a relaxing way without a rushing feeling to it all; it was quite refreshing. I was able to do some more work on my SED's "Lifebook" and I think by the time that I am done with it, everything all together will look very cool, or at least with as much time that was given me. I hope he likes it at least, but probably not; the child isn't very grateful and is rather very entitled. As long as you give him what he wants he is grateful, but not so much if it isn't what he wanted; I suppose you can't ask for more from a blooming sociopath. Aside from that I also made him his goodbye cake, so we'll see how he likes that; Mr. Picky wanted white cake with light blue frosting. I edited 3 chapters in my book today, which was an excellent accomplishment considering all of the blahness and stress that I have been working with. So I'm remaining on top of that. I also got hold of a place where I might be settling in for an apartment, so hopefully if everything goes according to my hopes, and God shows his favor perhaps this might be the one apartment for me. I'll find out next week, but still, keep your fingers crossed. I was finally able to watch The Eagle and although it was a fairly well done film, the cast was what made it not so good despite how well they tried; I believe they simple cast the wrong people (meaning the 2 main characters). The dialog needed vast improvements, but overall because of it's sheer technical excellence I'm giving it an "Admirable Ability;" it just seemed to lack that basic enthusiasm (for lack of a better word) that draws audiences. Oh well, it was mildly enjoyable, or rather not as horrible as I thought it was going to be. You judge for yourself though. In my opinion, Channing Tatum wasn't the best choice, but I give the man credit; I now believe he can act beyond typical action films, kind of like how I felt about Orlando Bloom until I saw him in Kingdom of Heaven. Good news by the way for Underworld fans; the trailer for the fourth film has been released! It looks interesting, although very different from the first three. I'm uncertain though about where they're taking the film, but regardless it should be fascinating. Have a lovely night everyone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crazy Madness!

What a blasted day it was! It seemed from the moment that I awoke this morning I was busy doing something and that I really didn't stop until 9:30pm or so. I did some apartment hunting and checked out a place, but that ended up being a waste of time unfortunately. Not a very good neighborhood, not a lot of space, and too much money for too little. It was also very, very hot today in San Diego; if you were in front of the sun it was miserable. On several accounts I thought that I was going to begin melting. Yuck! I really can't wait for the weather to cool off. I spent a great deal of time at work today as well. One of the SED's is leaving this Friday to become adopted, and since I am what is called his primary counselor, I am responsible for putting together what we call a "Life Book." Think of it as a scrapbook for all of the memories he's had since being at the facility I work at, but since this all kind of sprung up on me I had to begin and finish it all today. It took me forever to get pictures, print them, take some additional pictures, and then cut them out and put everything all together. My theme was Star Wars focusing on the darkside, since he was my apprentice and I the master, so it should turn all out quite fantastically when I am finished. I made myself a very late, yummy dinner (I ate around 10pm) and it was maple sausage links, with eggs and biscuits with some almond milk (something that I am still getting use to). I don't know how you all feel about eating breakfast for dinner, but I love it. This is how badly I need to get out of my apartment and far away from my roommates. Some girl they brought over (right in the middle of me watching Law & Order) walked through the door wearing no shirt but just a plain bra. She then proceeded to tell me on her way out that one of the other girls who was with my roommate wanted my "nuts" and that this same girl wanted to strip down naked and get into my bed just to see what I'd do. Apparently she was joking about the whole thing though, but it all seemed rather repulsive; it was as if it was coming from a stripper or a dirty prostitute. I suppose some men would love to hear that kind of filthy conversation, but I personally would prefer to save it for my future wife and her alone. I could have edited some of Book 2 today, but there wasn't any energy, and for some odd reason I felt sick throughout the day as well; very frustrating. Someone at work asked me how I was feeling and I replied "blah." And that was the type of day that it was; very, very blah. I am praying and hoping that I am able to find an apartment soon, otherwise things may get rather dicey. If you pray, then your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Take care everyone.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar.....

.....Helps the medicine go down. Well I just returned from a fantastic evening! A friend and I went and saw Mary Poppins the Broadway Musical and all I have to say is..........Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!! The live performance is unlike anything I have ever seen before, and I recommend anyone and everyone to see it. The individual who played Marry Poppins (Steffanie Leigh) was perfect, although I will forever remain partial to Julie Andrews. The gentlemen that played Bert (Nicolas Dromard) was sensational and always had the audience laughing. All of the musical numbers were well done and choreographed with such enthusiasm and fun , and the sets were incredible. My favorite musical numbers were Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Step In Time; both were done so well with the music, lyrics, dancing and sets. Overall though the production was so amazing I cannot say enough good things about it all. The only negative thing was that I was surrounded by people that couldn't keep their bloody mouths shut during the performances, and most of them were kids. Why would you take a small child to see something like this? Whatever, it's their money. Anyways. That dominated my entire evening, but it was worth it and I had the loveliest company ever; thank you Heather. Before that though, the day was rather hum drum. I did laundry and some of the usual things like editing more of Book 2, which I think that I finally reached the downwards part of editing the 4th draft finally. Now I have the easy parts to do. Had to deal with my irritating roommate and the irksome company that he keeps, but not for much longer! That front (looking for apartments) is going much slower than I anticipated but I will find something before the end of the month! Well I'm going to sing and finish up a few things, and always remember that a spoonful of sugar does indeed help the medicine go down!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Feeling Like I Always Work.

As I finish my work weekend I'm struck by the thought that I have so much work to do this week, which has nothing to do with 40hr + a week job. All of the stuff I have to do involves writing and looking for an apartment, not to mention dealing with my irritating roommate. I am really beginning to feel the pressure of so many things I have going on that I hope that I don't crack. For the most part work went really well today, despite several irritating factors involved but that's life I suppose. I can't wait to move out and I'm really hoping that I am able to find something really awesome to move into this week, otherwise I might pull my hair out. Tomorrow is going to be busy, but for now I sleep and relax. After all I may have very few chances to do anything related to that this week.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sugar Craze!

Yep that's right I was craving sugar in the middle of the day and then throughout the rest of the day. I'm trying to quit something that has become a bad habit over the years, and it has been difficult to stop it. However, sugar apparently is one thing that takes my mind off of the stress from trying to quit. Anyways, a good co-worker friend of mine made these delicious cupcakes with Swedish fish and sour gummy strings and they were so delicious and a complete answer to prayer! Thank you Stevie; you're amazing! As a whole, the work day went relatively well without any difficulties with the exception of one SED who was a having a conversation with his stomach. He was literally talking to his stomach and answering back, and he even threatened to cut off his stomach and get a new one that was slimmer and could metal of something like that. He is a very, very strange child. That was only the peak of the iceberg; he did many other things constantly throughout the day. Well that's it for tonight. Sleep well and eat lots of sugar! Or candy rather, I myself prefer laffy taffy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Work, Work, Work.

I have nothing to really complain about though. Today work went relatively well without any real difficulties whatsoever to speak of. Mind you though, I was constantly prompting and staying on top of instigation so that there weren't any problems between the SED's, and it all worked out fine. Everyone enjoyed my strawberry cheesecake and it turned out fairly well honestly, and the banana bread was also enjoyed despite an absence of nuts of some kind. Soon the weekend will be over and I will return to my apartment hunt...I really hope that it doesn't remain too difficult to find a place. Well, some sleep and bed. Hopefully I will sleep through the night; I really need to get a couple of new pillows.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Witch?

For the most part it was a dreaded, depressing and stressful day. Everywhere I turned to for apartment hunting, the proverbial door was slammed in my face. Every place that I have looked at and checked out so far has been dead in the water, which for me is rather depressing. I hate looking for apartments, and I'm the type of person that once I see something I like that's usually all of the shopping I want to do; I don't shop for pleasure. So upon my return from all of the hunting, I played a game for a bit and then edited I believe 3 chapters in Book 2. There's nothing like disappointment to stir the creative juices. I made myself some chicken alfredo for dinner and watched Season of the Witch. It was essentially a blah film. The casting wasn't the best; Nicholas Cage, just doesn't act very well and his humor comes off a little....well, forced for lack of a better idea. I like Ron Perlman, but he didn't seem to really connect with his character. The story was interesting, the plot semi-entertaining, but the characters were boring. Several of them had real potential for something great, but the film was all about gimmicks instead of building up the characters or story. The film was shot well though. The cinematography and lighting were done very well, and the music composed by Atli Ovarsson was actually quite good (sample down below); those three things made the film somewhat enjoyable, and it at times was fairly creepy. I obviously loved the period the story took place in (during the crusades), and it could have been a better film if they had cast better and come up with a better story. I highly doubt that I'll see this film again any time in the near future, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. There was a lot of potential though, so I'm giving it a "Yearning Ability." With the right creative aspects it could have been an excellent film. Better luck next time. I made a strawberry cheesecake, which looks absolutely delicious; we'll see how it tastes tomorrow and I booked my vacation for Montana! You all have no idea how much I can't wait to get on up there, I really need the vacation now. However, it is back for another work weekend; should be....fun?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saying Goodbye.

There's an old saying. Instead of saying goodbye, you say good journey; live the journey, for every destination is but a doorway for another. Actually, I stole that from Masters of the Universe, but it works well enough outside of the film. I went and had lunch with a good friend of mine that I have known since my junior year of college, and he told me that he was leaving for Northern Iraq next Tuesday! All I could say was wow (actually I think that I said it in abundance). He's going to teach English in a school. It was weird, as we were parting ways, it felt very strange....almost difficult to say farewell. I always hate it when I part ways with good friends. He's a good man, a good friend and I will miss him greatly. I wish him all the best of luck and good fortune though as he debarks to teach English in that region of the world. God bless you Paul, and may you have wonderful stories to tell one day. Aside from that interlude, the day wasn't that productive. I was suppose to get a lot done, but I was actually quite lazy. As usual I like to leave everything for Friday for some odd reason, perhaps the pressure of that being my last day off gets me to be productive. I think however that I might have found an apartment, so keep your fingers crossed as I go to check it out tomorrow. I am so over looking for an apartment and just want to find one and get on with life. I'm also getting my Montana vacation planned; it's very expensive to fly. But I suppose it's a luxury that one has to pay for, because I ain't going to drive all the way out there in my....antiquated vehicle. I was able to get some editing for Book 2 done, and I almost edited some more but I was like 'what the heck, I really don't want to', and so I didn't. I promised myself I'd do a lot of editing tomorrow, so we'll see if that comes to fruition. I got a new book from the library Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination. It should be a fantastic read to get inside of one of the greatest American storytellers of the 20th Century (the other being George Lucas). Well that's all folks. And Remember that if you want to have great stories to tell, then you have to take great risks, or risk having nothing worth to tell .

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Much to Do.

As I sat down to do something at my computer tonight, I wrote a list of things to do before Saturday, and so far I've only gotten one thing on my list accomplished, but that isn't because I've been lazy like usual. Today was actually very productive. I edited two chapters for Book 2, I edited a screenplay for my friend, I wrote review for Rise of the Planet of the Apes (since I was too busy yesterday to write one, or rather out of energy) and did other.....things. For some odd reason I wanted to watch X-Men 3: The Last Stand and so I did. It actually has a lot of good character and plot elements, but overall it is rather "blah" and pales in comparison to X2: X-Men United. It was a lovely distraction though before I did some more work. I really would love to do more writing aside from editing my friend's screenplays and editing my book, but I'm unfortunately on a timetable that I can't dilly dally around with. My goal is to edit two chapters a day, if not more for Book 2, and if my friend sends any screenplays my way I have to edit them asap and get them back to him. It sucks. Especially with everything that I have going on this month, what with moving and dealing with a set of irritating and lazy roommates.More time and energy would be fantastic if anybody has some extra of either that they could spare. I am going to take a very long and nice vacation to Montana though in September, and boy is that going to be amazing! Hopefully I'll have internet access, otherwise it'll make life a little difficult. I really do want to get away from people in the peaceful remote regions of that state, but the internet is one thing that I almost can say that I cannot live without, but that is mainly because of my writing career. I am not addicted to YouTube, Facebook, or Hulu; those people need productive and useful hobbies instead of filling their meaningless consumer driven lives with essentially nothing. Once more I got on my soap box; time to move on. The vacation however is next month. Right now I feel completely blah, so I'm signing off and hoping that tomorrow continues my excellent pace of productivity.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apes Rose to the Occasion.

I had a relatively busy day which was unproductive in a productive way. I did go and see Rise of the Planet of the Apes and I was correct in one aspect of my initial impression; I did come away pleased. It is true that I believed the film was going to be horrendous, but it was the complete reverse honestly. It had good characters, meaning James Franco and Andy Serkis' performance of the CGI character Caesar; together they made the film what it was, although I do have to say that Tom Felton makes a good villain. I would definitely watch it again, it had amazing visual effects; the acting that the animated Apes did was truly spectacular. I was even amazed and impressed with the screenplay and the story; for a summer blockbuster type, it certainly possessed a lot of depth. It earns a "Strong Ability" from me with all of the praise that comes with it; and honestly, they came up with a plot ploy that makes Apes ruling the planet and humans becoming subservient that really works fantastically. Later on I ran some errands and met a friend so he could fix some technical difficulties that I was having with my computer, and then went to see an apartment. It was quite an adventure. I got lost/sidetracked while looking for the street that the house was on, and eventually after much looking I was able to find it. However, my joy and hope was crushed when I saw the apartment, which looked incredibly smaller, uglier, and trashier than the pictures on the advertisement depicted, and they also wanted an ungodly amount of money for essentially crap. It was much more expensive then they had let on. So scratch that off my list and back to the drawing board; that really sucks. That is what I meant above; I did a lot today, though without any result. I finished Damages season 3, and all I have to say is that I love that show, and that Martin Short can really act apart from comedy. It was an excellent season and I highly recommend that show to anybody. I made some delicious banana bread for a friend of my mine, and I got some tickets for a lovely production of Mary Poppins for next week! It is going to be extraordinary. Well tomorrow I'm going to catch up with my writing, continue the search for apartments, and get some more rest and relaxation...or something resembling that

Monday, August 8, 2011

Spider-Man Tag.

Well one thing I learned today is that I am not spider-man by any stretch of the imagination. While playing freeze tag with a bunch of the SED's at work on this type of jungle gym thing, I was running and leaping over metals bars and walls. However, as I was leaping off of one bar down to the ground to catch an SED, he ran not away from me but towards the area that I was going to be landing on. Deciding it wouldn't be a fantastic idea to crush this SED, I somehow moved out of the way and landed painfully on my left knee. When the dust settled, I learned that I had torn my pants on the knee and that I was bleeding quite profusely. It didn't start hurting until about two minutes later and then after I bandaged my knee up, it became very difficult to move and bend my left knee. After I got home I took the band aids and tape (to keep the band aids on) off from around my very, very hairy legs. To say the least, it was painful, excruciatingly painful but I'm alive and there is no permanent damage so all is well. The remaining part of the shift went without any difficulties, although my writing group was horrible. This one SED told me right in front of all of the kids that what I was doing in the group was horrible, and it had failed miserably and everyone in the group was unfocused and extremely hyper. I was irritated but I ignored it and moved on. As it is, I think that I am done with my writing group as it is more stress than it is worth and the SED's don't seem to care at all. Anyways. That was my day, and now for Star Trek the Next Generation and then sleep; hopefully a lot of it.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The World Growing Smaller

Work was a rather interesting and charming day. The whole day began with a lovely trip to church, which was immeasurably refreshing. The preacher/teacher spoke on the topic of 'prayer to God' and that followers of Christ need to pray more regularly and desire that closer relationship with God Almighty (I'm summing up all of it, so those few words don't do the whole 40 minute message justice). After returning to my apartment and prepping myself for work, I left and when I arrived the most ridiculously wonderful thing happened; I saw a former college professor walking into the facility with her daughter in tow. You see, there were a bunch of kids with their mothers present who were working together to put on activities for the SED's. We chatted a little bit and got caught up, but it was one of those surreal moments where the world is definitely getting smaller. I think that happens more as one ages. She was a good professor, and I learned how to really, really research effectively and exhaustively from her, not to mention professional public speaking skills. Thank you Dr. Gates. The rest of the evening went without problems, until this one SED was having some difficulties going to bed when I asked her to. She tantrummed, hit, kicked, punched, and attacked me with a large plastic tray. It was all over very quickly though, and while the SED and I were processing (once she calmed down), she told me some stories about her mother running away from the police before she and her sister were picked up by the county. And a story about how she saw her sister raped and beaten when she was only 6 years old. It was pretty deep and hard stuff to hear and there was nothing I could say, because it was clear that she was not okay nor would be until those thoughts and memories reburied themselves back in her mind. What do you say to that? College classes do not prepare you for situations like that, you fly by the seat of your pants, dress, robe, or skirt. Well that was that, and perhaps tomorrow we'll be due for another incident from a different SED, but I hope not. Sleep well everyone, and remember to pray for those who are far less fortunate, far less loved than you.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Long but Not Quite.

Despite it being a rather long day, the fortunate thing is that I don't have to work tomorrow morning and can sleep in a little before going to church. I only had one SED blow up, but I was on a break when that happened; see, the SED's just rebel without me being present. Aside from that, and kids telling me I look old and have a poor memory, the day went pretty well. I keep telling everyone that it isn't the years but the mileage that counts. Well time for some more sleep, and then only a half day at work for tomorrow; something I haven't had on a Sunday in months (I think since perhaps December of last year, with the exception of days that I took off or was sick). It should be very nice.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Work and a Show.

Work went very well today, aside from an SED tantruming at 7am because he didn't want to go to the doctor. Charming little bugger woke a few of the other kids up, and it was so challenging for me not to get overly angry or appear overly irritated. I survived the shift overall though unscathed and am looking forward to another day tomorrow (that was so much sarcasm right there if you didn't see it right away). Well. I got back from work and was very, very lazy. I made myself dinner and while I was waiting for it to finish I did some editing on my associate's audio drama, and then once I was finished with that I sat down to watch 4 episodes of Damages season 3. It is actually quite fantastic and the character growth is amazing since the first two seasons. I have one more disc to go before I'm done with season 3 as it is actually quite addicting. Other than that, I did nothing all day, although I had a rather fascinating conversation with a co-worker about sociopaths. The weekend is going to be long, but come Wednesday of next week it will all be worth it (that's when I get paid).

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Field Narrows...

....In my search for an apartment, it appears I might have found something that might work perfectly. It's the right proximate distance from my place of employment, it's quiet (from what the ad states), and it seems that it has a nice view all in my price range. I'm ecstatic about it all, and I'm hoping to see it next week since I am working tomorrow. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that part; I switched with someone so I'm working tomorrow and not working Sunday morning. So I can go to church again, since I haven't been in too long of a time. That also means that I will not be able to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes when it is released until Tuesday. Bummer, but it is only delaying the inevitable pain. I really hope that film isn't a waste of my time, as most of the others in that film series were. Today was very, very unproductive. I edited one episode for my friend's audio drama and that was it. The rest of the day I wasted away doing nothing but....playing computer games. That's right, I was sucked into the world of Star Wars taking over the galaxy; can't always make my time productive I suppose. Although I stopped by work to spend time with one of the SED's for about an hour and a half. We had fun, and I was able to distract him for a while with chocolate and movie extras. Later on, back at my place, I watched some of the old animated Spider-Man series from the mid-nineties. I loved that show, and it's still fun. I hope the newest film is able to pull off the wit and humor that the animated series had, and also the very cool villains that weren't...weird, or desperately evil as if it didn't come natural to any of them. Okay, so obviously since I'm talking about a kids animated television show being one of the highlights of my day, that means it's time to sign off. Hope work is great tomorrow, and hope you all have a lovely night.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Editing Continues...

....Even though I have been editing quite a few chapters lately, it still seems to go on and on. Today I edited 3 chapters, and I still have a little over 300 pages and about 18 chapters left to edit before I'm done with my 4th draft. Blah. I'm so sick of editing that book, but it really needs it I have to admit. I keep finding little details here and there that need to be corrected, or adjusted. The 5th draft is going to be a real drag though, as I'm going to have a grammar expert go through and tear it apart, but by the end of it all I should have a real solid book. Once it is all together, it is going to far exceed my expectations and all of my readers should also enjoy it. It is going to be a far better book than the first one, not only because my skills as a writer have increased a hundredfold but because the characters go through so much growth and acquire so much depth and mystery. Hopefully I can stay on top of it all and get it done quickly so I can make my self appointed publishing deadline. I won't bore all of you with the details of the day, suffice to say that while I edited my book and did some fiddling around on the computer, my roommate and his compatriot played video games....all....day....long. It was very tiring, and then thank the maker they left and I finally got some peace and quiet. I made these absolutely delicious chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache on top. Wow they were quite decadent and delicious; perhaps tomorrow I'll make strawberry cheesecake or banana nut bread. Yes it's true; I like to bake, and I'm very good at it. I don't even know where I get it from. My mother is relatively good at baking, but I think that I've surpassed her at last and I mean that in the friendliest possible way mom (just in case you're reading this). I didn't have time for a film so I watched some Law & Order and some Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's difficult to watch it since it is from 1987, but I'm particular to know all history of the characters and what not before I get to the episodes where they encounter the Borg for the first time. That was a good running of episodes together, but I also want to finish the series that I grew up with. Last night before bed I finished reading G.W. Bush's memoirs Decision Points and overall I enjoyed it and found it very insightful. At times it seemed boring and redundant, but after all the man was a politician, not a writer, and despite what people say I think he did the best with what he had. I'm sure to say the same of President Obama as well when he's done in office. The only thing he didn't have that George had was experience and a background in politics. Oh well, we'll see how he does for the next five years. Once more it is time for sleep. I need to go to the library and get another book; I've always liked reading before I go to sleep (I probably get that from my mother). Walt Disney interests me, so I'm going to look for a biography on him; hopefully the library has a good one.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Much of Nothing.

I cannot wait to get out of this blasted roommate situation that I am stuck in. I know that I only have less than a month to go, but every day seems like a week. I'm sick and tired of his rude and obnoxious behavior, he does nothing around the apartment except play video games, watch television shows, and smoke cigarettes and other....things. The epitome of laziness. He is the type of person that all he cares about is pleasure, and if he could make it so he'd never have to work all he'd do is indulge himself all....day.....long. He only cares about himself and his needs, and he only is mindful of others when their and his needs are the same. How I ultimately became his roommate, that was a huge joke on me from....well....I guess it would be rather over the top for me to write that down. I simply cannot wait for it all to end. There I vented. Moving on. Hardly got any work done today (at least writing wise). See how crap in your life can keep you from doing the things that you truly desire to do. I did my usual cleaning in the apartment which took a while, and then I rewarded myself for that and the long work weekend I had by playing a computer game. I played it longer than I wanted to, but as I mentioned it was a very long weekend. I edited another episode for my associate's audio drama, and him and I spoke about one of my maps for Book 2 so we could get the geography layout correct, and where all of the pertinent names and what not went. It was cool, and makes me excited about the whole thing and how it's going to turn out. Designing a map from scratch, and geography is more difficult then it would seem; I should have had a....map person help me out in the beginning, but I hadn't a clue what I was doing the first time around. It does indeed pay to be prepared, especially when you're a writer/author. Netflix, or rather my roommate's X-box, wasn't working so I played a DVD episode from The Tudors and it was lovely transporting myself to that era, despite hearing my roommate's cellphone go "DROID" every now and then. I think I may take all of this crap between the two of us and make some sort of comedy, or perhaps drama, therefore I can at least get something out of this horrendous mistake of mine. Saw the trailer for Red Tails, George Lucas' latest film about African American WWII pilots. It looks really good, and there is also a significant cast. Should be interesting to see a film unrelated to fantasy written by George.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot and Getting Hotter.

Apparently it is getting really hot finally all over the United States (I don't know about the rest of the world). I measure how hot it is when I finally have to have the A/C unit on throughout the night and day. That to me means that it is very hot outside. Work went very well today, despite being short staffed for whatever reason; people who do staffing, all the problems that happened tonight, it would be their fault (none of the problems were in my cottage, and there were only 2 of us for 8 kids. Yeah we are that good). This one SED was tantrumming because he had to take a shower because he crapped himself; I don't know why, but he hates it when he has to shower. He can be a great kid, but he can be a huge SOB a lot of the time. He just had a bad day overall unfortunately. Tonight my co-worker made the best breaded fish and vegetables I have had in a very long time. Thank you so much Olympia for the yummy dinner (it smelled fantastic!). Work is done for the week and now I have to switch gears again and go back to writing. I saw some drafts that my map maker made for my maps for Book 2, and oh my goodness, they are so cool. I can't wait for then entire finished project!