Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Work Evening with a Bang!

Aside from this one SED blowing up and destroying all of his stuff in his room, it was a pretty smooth day at work. I was feeling it though around 9pm; it was a long day, but one without some of our most difficult clients, which thrilled me to no end. From where I work we were able to see some fireworks and the SED's were glued to it all like a tractor beam; I think it was the sparkling, popping, and bright colorful lights. I'm not a big fan of fireworks, but they're nice when choreographed with music. I personally liked the big booming and popping sounds that the fireworks made, the SED's didn't like that part so much. I am so thankful tomorrow is my last day before my days off; I feel as if I really need them, but honestly it all hasn't been too bad. Well, have a good night everyone, and cheers to the grand U.S.A. on its birthday!

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