Monday, July 18, 2011

Work Brains Gone Mush

Well of course right as I was about ready to leave for work my supervisor FINALLY calls and asks for an overview of the night (they usually ask way before that though; but he gets trapped in the social workers office playing games on Facebook and the higher management doesn't care about it at all). I tell him what happened during the sift and suddenly I need to write up some paperwork for a small incident that occurred, which isn't really a big thing, but my brain wasn't that up to it around 10:30pm. Had he called earlier to ask how things went, I would have had more time to prepare and write, and my brains wouldn't have been quite as useless. As it was I had to stay an hour later than I had anticipated on because of that, and it was only because of a fantastically wonderful staff (thank you so much Adrienne!) that I was able to get out when I did. There I vented. The biggest stress didn't come from the SED's today; it came from my supervisor. Thank God for my days off; I really need them. I would love to complain more and go on a tirade about all kinds of things related to my current place of employment.....but that wouldn't be entirely professional (like my little jab up there), and I still need a job. Dear God I really hope my writing pays off soon.

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