Friday, July 15, 2011

Where it All Ends.....

....The day has come, the prophecy has been fulfilled, and now there is no more Harry Potter unfortunately. This film is sure to be a hit, and I have a feeling most will love it, and they have every reason to. Upon reviewing Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II I had a different idea how the film came across to me, and basically I boiled it down to the fact that this film is truly only a part of a story, meaning half of something. Which means it's missing something. Part One was the bulk of the story, setting up what's going on, and development of characters. Part Two was the climax, falling action and resolution; it was missing all of the other elements. I still liked the film and it had a fantastic ending, but I really think that they could have simply made a long last film if they wanted to do it right with all of the pertinent details, but whatever. It was fun, cool, gave me closure, and the 3-D wasn't too bad. That absorbed my morning along with writing the review and posting it. I then sat down and read some of the book. During dinner I watched a very interesting film called Dahmer. Well if anyone is familiar with sociopaths and famous killers you will recall that he dismembered his victims (boys) and froze them in his own little freezer. This film didn't show him killing any boys, but rather men. He also was a sexual perpetrator. If the film is accurate for the most part, Jeffery Dahmer was a very strange and disturbed man. He would frequent this one club, put something in a drink and then give it to a man, who would then become all flimsy like, and then he'd have sex with him. I guess it's like the date-rape drug thing. Jeremy Renner played Dahmer, which is why I chose to watch it over a Ted Bundy film that I was also contemplating, and he pulled off quite a good performance. Watching that film makes me never want to drink anything a stranger hands me, nor let a complete stranger into my house or go into one. I also remember one scene that shocked me completely, which I'm glad that I can still get shocked by gory and disturbing things. I won't describe the scene, but let's say it involves a large sharp knife, a hand, and a stomach. Serial killers are fascinating for me, being the psych person that I am, and although I don't know if I'd ever like to meet a genuine sociopath face-to-face that has killed, from a distance they'd be interesting to observe. Work has arrived unfortunately again, but I'm sure this week won't be as long as the one least I hope.

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