Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What a Gangster.

Today was a little more productive than yesterday at least, but I was also able to do my lazy relaxing as well so it all balanced itself out. Two chapters of Book II from my trilogy, some editing for my friend's audio drama screenplays; all in all well over forty pages I edited today. It actually was kind of exhausting, especially with irritating individuals around. I was able to finally watch a film I got from Netflix American Gangster. I'm trying to finish my Ridley Scott film repertoire and I'm getting very close. I think I've nearly watched all of the films that he directed. I have 8 films left to watch that he directed, but a few of them are quite old so I don't know if I'll watch them, but I'm going to try. This was the second film I've seen where I liked Denzel Washington; the first one is The Preacher's Wife (which is awesome, and has a delightful cast). I liked the characters and the story of the film, and the casting was good. I also liked the kind of gangster that Denzel portrayed; none of that obnoxious flashy crap with the irritating and poor pronunciation of the English language. His character had class, intelligence and wit and it is what most likely saved him from life in prison. He treated what he did like a professional business and gave his clients the best; I have a new perspective now developing on life, at least I think so. The film ranks High on all but two of the 5 Abilities; "Watch-ability" & "Enjoy-ability." It was very long and at times boring, so I won't be watching it all that frequently, and although I liked it a lot it was long and depressing at times. But I'm going to give it a "Strong Ability" and I must admit that it is a very strong film and also shows that Russell Crowe can step outside of his heroic type and play something a little more humble. Ridley Scott is truly a director of many trades. His next film will be Prometheus and that should be interesting to see what it is all about when it debuts next year. Saw the trailer for the new Spider-Man film also debuting next year; that looks good. Thank goodness they cast Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker; that is a far better choice than Tobey Maguire.


  1. As in, this is only the 2nd film that you've seen Denzel Washington in or only the 2nd one that you LIKED him in? He's one of my favorite actors and I can give you a small list of movies of his that I loved!!! lol
    I'm very curious about both Prometheus and the new Spider Man!

  2. Only the second film I've liked Denzel in. He is a terrific actor; for some reason a lot of the films he's in I just don't like, despite his excellent performances. I still need to see "Training Day" though.