Sunday, July 10, 2011

Too Many Doubles....

Wow I am so very tired/exhausted right now, which isn't good because I have to work tomorrow and Tuesday as well. Fortunately they are evening shifts, so I at least get half of the day to myself. It wasn't per se a very hard or difficult day, but it was just long. I so want to sleep, which is what I will precisely do in an hour or so. Well, I'm going to toddle off because it wasn't a very interesting day, or I can't really remember the day (it's all kind of blurring together.) I do remember one SED telling me that he was tired to dealing with all of the crap that I'm giving him (this is the same SED that tantrumed and screamed for an entire hour yesterday because he had to finish something before he could go to a birthday party). To say the least, I walked away and shook my head; that child hasn't a clue.

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