Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Scream to Remember.

Although truth be told, I'd very much like to forget about the screaming that I heard today. For the most part I had a good day despite several of the SED's having outbursts, but what can you do it is my job after all to deal with these children and their problems. However, this one SED screamed, shouted, tore his room apart, beat himself until he bled on his arm a little, and threatened to kill himself for about 1 hour. During that time I was dealing with him, trying to get him to calm down and listen, but needless to say it wasn't working until after the hour was up. He has some of the most powerful lungs; I would think that after forty five minutes he'd have lost steam or his throat would be sore, but nope he kept on going. He then decided to calm down and have a good rest of the night. I like to think of it as a cathartic moment; perhaps in the long run his tantrum and therefore our lengthy conversation about it will do him some good. Aside from that it was all work and not that interesting, at least of anything really noteworthy. Had some good times with some of my fellow co-workers, especially when we were talking about naked trees and what not. It was something you had to hear. Well have a fantastic weekend world while I slave away dealing with children and their problems.

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