Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rolling Through the Weekends.

Despite being sleepy during the latter part of the evening, it was a very lovely day; hot like the lake of fire, but nice. I am simply thankful that it is dry heat and not that stuff with high humidity, that would be far too much to deal with on top of the heat. All of the SED's were fine; I only had one major incident, and that is when a male SED groped/grabbed and felt up a female client's backside. No the brightest of the bunch, but also not that socially capable as well. He'll probably become a sexual predator when he gets old enough unfortunately. Tomorrow should be good though; many of the SED's are going to be on pass, which will mean less trouble on the job, at least if everything goes according to plan. With these types of kids you never know what to expect, and every day is something different.

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