Sunday, July 17, 2011

Resistance Failing.......

.....Must have days off soon. Perhaps it has something to do with my busy work schedule and my busy writing schedule lately, but I am so sleepy and physically tired right now it is ridiculous. I can't wait for Tuesday! I think I'm going to chill on that day and do nothing else. It was an okay day at work with very few if any crises that I had to deal with, but the SED's did keep me on my toes throughout the day. Well it was overall a blah day (or at least that is how I feel right now), but I did get to finish watching Pinocchio on my break, and interestingly enough when I was very young I disliked that film a lot, but now upon seeing many, many years later I truly love it. It is a wonderful story, with fantastic characters and brilliant themes that aren't being taught today in popular society/culture, which is quite a shame. Walt Disney sure knew how to craft great and long lasting films; it's a pity no one in his organization retained similar skills. 

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