Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Once Upon A Day Off.

Even though it didn't seem like a restful day off, it was at least a day off. My roommate's solution to his financial difficulties is annoying me a little making me long for August to be over, but what can I do but endure. I suppose if I can handle kids biting, punching, screaming and kicking me I can handle my vexing roommate. I just wish that it didn't have to be in my place of Zen where I get away from all of that. The day was productive for the most part. I was able to finish writing another Modern War Story: The Sword and the Shield: Blood and Peace. I really like this one, but I think the next few should prove most interesting. My ultimate goal is to write various small stories all from different perspectives about the American conflict occurring in Afghanistan and Iraq, but stories that have the same plot at heart. Think of a circle with dots all around it; each dot is a different story, and as you go around you learn about different people, and then the same people again, and again as the circle goes round and round. It's going to take me a while, but it should be good when it is completed. Now what I need to do is focus on editing book 2, but I have a lot to do tomorrow. Hopefully I can kick my rear in gear and get a lot of that taken care of. I watched Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty which has been my favorite classic animated Disney film since I was a very young boy; it had something to do with all of the magic, and of course one of the most awesome Disney villains of all time. I also love Tchaikovsky's score for the ballet; he is such a great composer. According to a documentary that I watched on the DVD, his big break came with his ballet for Sleeping Beauty which audiences loved, whereas  before with Swan Lake they hated it. God only knows why; all of the music is beautiful. Well good night everyone and continue to enjoy your dwindling work week.

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