Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nothing and Progress.

Usually if it is an unproductive day I get nothing done at all, but today I was able to squeeze in some writing despite my laziness and going into work for a bit. Someone mentioned to me that I seem to be at work all of the time now, which I admit I have been at work a lot lately, which is fine; more money for me and it'll help prepare me for the beginning of September! Which I will be equating with moving out and finally getting my own place, thank the Lord. It can't come soon enough. I edited through 300 pages of my book tonight, and I'll finish the rest tomorrow, and then I'll do the same thing all over again before handing it off to another editor. I have communicated with my cover artist what I am looking for on my book cover for Book 2 of A Warrior's Tale Trilogy and it should come out very nicely. As I re-read it and look through it, the more I become excited about it being published. Very, very soon now. Yesterday I began watching a new show called Camelot which I think is produced by Starz. Michael Hirst who wrote and created The Tudors and was behind Elizabeth the film, is fantastic and so far he is doing well with this series. Merlin is played by Joseph Fiennes (which I think isn't the best choice, but he's growing on me), Arthur is played by Jamie Campbell Bower and he is also growing on me, but the best is Morgan La Fey played by Eva Green; she is to die for, and plays her part perfectly. She is a fantastic actress, and I don't think I have disliked any character that I have ever seen her play. The show seems to be accurate mostly to the legend, but I would love to see more magical stuff happening. Well one last day before work starts up again, I'm going to make it count.

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