Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Night Before.

That was the only title I could think of for tonight. I guess it could mean something like....the night before I went and saw Captain America: The First Avenger? Hopefully when I see the film tomorrow, it'll be something to be pleased about afterwards. I just finished watching season premiere/pilot of the Next Generation Star Trek series; it was a lot longer than I had expected it to be, so I'm a little behind with my nightly schedule. I had seen episodes of the series back during the mid nineties (my father is a big trek fan) but never all the way through, and now I have that opportunity; it'll be like finishing a project that I began many years ago. It was also quite nostalgic and interesting to see how far science fiction television has come since then. Star Trek Voyager will always be my favorite "Trek" series, and I have always wanted to see more of Deep Space Nine. I saw very few episodes of it, but it always evoked me as very fascinating. I was able to get some more editing done for my friend's audio drama scripts, and I also edited another chapter of Book II for my trilogy, but alas no new writing. I am on some like my fourth draft of the book and getting so sick of it; I cannot wait until it is published. All of that editing is draining, not to mention I have work this week and we got a fairly new client that is getting adjusted to the facility and he is apparently violent; so that should be fun over the weekend. Blah. Oh yeah, a bit of interesting family news; congratulations to my father he is engaged to be married in January next year, that is if he can make sure his bride to be can get into the United States. Very complicated story right there, perhaps someday I'll write something about it. Time to sleep, and perchance to sleep well tonight.

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