Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Play than Work....

....At least that is what it seemed like. At least with writing all that I did was edit a chapter in Book II. I was going to edit another chapter, but I wasn't feeling it at the time. Editing is one of those things that you have to be in the right mindset to do, otherwise you're just gazing through it all without really editing it, and you miss important details and thus the point of editing becomes.....well, pointless. I spent a long time doing some website maintenance. That's the irritating thing about having a website where I am the only one working and running it; I have to do everything. I actually just got done looking at a bunch of advertisements for apartments, and there seems to be many with good promise, although it is amazing that hardly any of the units I looked at contained central air. I can't stand those a/c units in the window or built into the wall; they're not very efficient. I also remembered how much I hated looking for apartments as well. Location, location, location. Price is somewhat negotiable, but there are some things I will not go without, and on-site parking is something I cannot live without. I don't want to have the rest of my car demolished because another.......gentleman wants to avoid hitting a cat. I watched this rather fascinating film tonight called Franklyn. It has the remarkable Eva Green, Bernard Hill (King Theoden from LOTR), Ryan Phillippe, and Sam Riley as the major cast. Eva Green is great as always; she really is talented at acting, and brings depth and light to her character. Mr. Phillippe I could say the same thing; I'm accustomed to seeing him in popcorn films, but this was a step up for him. I must admit that what I saw wasn't what I expected, but it was rather delightful nonetheless. The only thing is that it may seem rather confusing, but when the film is good and over then you have one of those "aha" moments. The film was rather....deep for lack of another phrase or word, perhaps slightly depressing and dark would be better. Regardless, it would be difficult to watch it all of the time, so I'm giving it a Moderate on "Watch-ability." Due to the nature of the film it went back and forth with how the audience could escape (if you watch it, you'll get what I mean), so it get's another Moderate on "Escape-ability." I enjoyed the film, but the depressing factor will keep it from that high mark and so thus a Moderate for "Enjoy-ability." The "Artistic-ability" of this film was stunning and remarkable. Original, outside of the box, and somewhat visionary; I give it supremely High marks. Despite the occasional glimmer where it looked as if the lip-syncing wasn't very good, all technical elements were well done. A High therefore on "Technical-ability", good acting, excellent characters, spectacular cinematography, a good score, and a relatively good screenplay. The film garners an "Admirable Ability" overall, which isn't too bad. Perhaps the average film goer wouldn't like the film, but if film is something you enjoy as a hobby, art form, or simply like good films then this is for you. It is a film to contemplate though.

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