Friday, July 29, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, and Aliens, and Cowboys. Oh My?

That's right folks, Cowboys & Aliens was released into theatres today. Yup that's right, and there were everything from aliens eating country folk, to flying machines stringing up people, to gun fights against metal that bullets couldn't pierce. It was mighty fine shooting folks. Blah. So I'm not very good with that accent and style, but hey I can't be talented with writing everything. The film was okay, meaning I gave it an "Admirable Ability." I just couldn't get over the whole aliens with the cowboys thing; it sounded so ludicrous and unlikely. If you took out the aliens, then the story and characters that were there worked very well; Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford make convincing cowboys that they should do it again, without the aliens though. I could watch it again, but I'd rather watch other things than it. Its genre type must be very popular out here in San Diego area because the theatre where I went to at 11:40am was quite full, more full then it has been when I've gone to see any other summer blockbuster during the day this year. Another odd thing was there was a cricket making noise in the theatre room itself during the film, although at one point it stopped; it was kind of funny. The rest of the day was furiously busy. I made a super chocolate cheesecake in honor of International Cheesecake Day tomorrow (which should be an international holiday that everyone gets off) and it looks very tasty, but I've never used this recipe before so we'll see what everyone else thinks. I was going to make a strawberry cheesecake, but I ran out of time and energy. Need longer days still or just another one of me. I also handed in my and my roommate's 30 days notice and turned in our last rent together forever!!!!!!!!! Even though it was kind of a stressful moment or two (I had a million seemingly other things that I needed to get done before the end of the day and I hadn't really even taken a moment to sit and relax since I got up, and my roommate wasn't the most amiable) reflecting back it is an immense load off of my back. Now for the next phase. Finding a place to move into, and getting out of my current situation with everything, including my sanity, intact. Dear God, August is going to be a really long and stressful month. I was unfortunately unable to get any writing or editing done today as I didn't really have the energy after I did everything else. I think that about covers everything. So I'm going to get some sleep and prepare for the work weekend.

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