Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Killer's Delight.

Today was actually quite productive, which is very unusual for my first day off. I began it all with cleaning the apartment, and threatened my roommates to never cut hair again in the bathroom. I never knew hair would be so difficult to get hair off of a commode. I edited a screenplay for my associate's audio drama, and then some of Book II. I also sent my rough layout of a map to my map maker for Book II, so things are moving along quite well. Soon I will be done with my fourth draft and onto the fifth draft...yes I know it seems never ending, but there will come a day when the book shall be published. Then I will only have one book left to write! And then by that time almost thirteen years of work will be over. For tonight's entertainment I watched In Bruges but after watching an hour of it I decided that the film was crap and boring and stopped watching it. Although it has Colin Farrel in it (who isn't a very good actor), Brendan Gleeson (who was the only bright spot), and Ralph Fiennes I would never recommend this film to anyone; please save yourself a couple hours and watch something else. It was boring, pointless, and the screenplay sucked, although the cinematography was shot quite well. Instead I watched the film Bundy: A Legacy of Evil which of course was a very interesting biographical film about the notorious sociopath that murdered and raped a number of women, Theodore Bundy. It wasn't the greatest film in the world, but it explored a little bit of the ladies man that received marriage proposals while he was in prison, but the screenplay didn't really take advantage of all of the that they could of to make a fantastic film. It was slightly disappointing, but interesting nonetheless. It was one of those films you see once, and most likely will never watch again, although it would be great to show for an abnormal psych college class. If that kind of thing interests you then you should see it, if not then it isn't really worth the time. Well, there's the day. Not that interesting....and oh, before I forget. Last night with the roommates, everything ended up alright despite the fact that the urchins spent the night. Soon that will be something that I will never have to be concerned about again. Happy thought.

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