Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy International Cheesecake Day!

Cheesecake is one of the most marvelous culinary inventions, and quite tasty too. I'm sorry if you don't really like cheesecake, but for me it is something very, very scrumptious if made well. Bad cheesecake is nasty and just plain "blah." Back in college the cafeteria almost ruined it completely for me numerous times because they made the most disgusting cheesecake ever. Fortunately I've grown and learned how to make really, really good cheesecake. Key lime cheesecake and Godiva chocolate cheesecake made by The Cheesecake Factory are my two top favorites. Work was fine today, and I'm hoping it continues that way for tomorrow as well. I am so sleepy right now though, God only knows why, so I'm going to watch another episode from Damages season 3 (which I just got the first disc in the mail from Netflix yesterday) and then sleep. Hope you ate lots of cheesecake, but if you didn't know that today was the even then be certain to eat some tomorrow.

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