Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Decisions and Points.

Well today was kind of odd, and unfortunately unproductive. It wasn't my fault though. Our illustrious electric company had the electricity off from 9am-12:30pm or so; that was quite vexing, especially when I wanted to get stuff done. I had to shave in the dark, and shower with candles. It was nice though; very relaxing. I was able to begin reading G.W. Bush's memoirs Decision Points though in the morning since I had nothing else I could really do that I needed to do. It's good so far, and I look forward to it as I read more. I also worked today and I actually just got back. It is so humid right now, I am disgusted. It was raining while the sun was out, and it wasn't that light/fluffy rain, it was pretty heavy. It is as if we are in the tropics; yuck, but beautiful scenery (which we don't really have since it's all dry). I am so tired, but I am going to watch Casablanca to give my apartment time to cool down. I love that film, and that wonderful song...as time goes by.

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