Monday, July 4, 2011

235 Years and Still Kicking!

Since I am a citizen of the United States of America, I am going to show some patriotism towards it on this its 235th birthday. Despite the many flaws that it and its people have, I am so thankful that I am a part of this great country and all of the positive things that it is about promoting; liberty, freedom, and equality to everyone (although that last one is still a work in progress). I always struggle not to be ethnocentric, and try to diversify myself as much as possible, and living out here in California has helped that immensely. The whole world is full of nations that have done things that are wrong, and thousands of people have suffered in turn. America is no different in this regard. Hate, bitterness, and selfishness breed nothing but pain; grace, forgiveness, and compassion build up the moist precious commodity the world has to offer and that is people. I am an ordinary American that grew up on an old farm house in the country back in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin. I have no ax to grind, or political horn to sound; I only care about helping and caring for people, and that will always be a top priority in my life. Why do I write all of that? I write that to say that the radical minority doesn't represent the average, moderate majority. I love my country, and I really believe that every one citizen of each individual country should love where they come from, and be proud of their heritage, or try to make it something to be proud of. I like to think of the United States of America as a place where people like me can use it as a base to help those around the world, and those who come into our country; to me as an individual, freedom is very important, but not as important as the right to be able to choose what you want to do, and what you don't want to do. And overall, that is what makes our country the great place that it is. Alright, stepping away from that; it was a lovely day at work. All of the SED's were...tolerable and didn't have any real difficulties, which was very nice. It wasn't as hot today, but I could feel the humidity and that annoyed me. I thought that I left that weather behind in Illinois. Well, this was supposed to be my last day of working before my days off, but I volunteered to work tomorrow; a little extra money is always useful. Goodnight, and Happy 4th of July to all as the United States of America celebrates its 235th birthday!

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