Friday, July 22, 2011

The 1st Avenger!

As soon as I saw the summer blockbuster layout for this year, I knew that Captain America was going to be the best for certain (THOR ties with it for me). This of course was based upon the cast and the subject matter; it is essentially a WWII era war film with a comic book spin. Therefore for me at least it is a recipe for success. I read one review in The Wall Street Journal which blasted it because of the elements of action in it; but I bet that guy (who gives a lot of negative reviews) would have said the original Star Wars would have been bad if he was around when it was released. I really enjoyed the film and gave it a "Strong Ability" for my review. Alan Silvestri's theme for the film score is down below; not too bad of a score as well. For myself, I predicted that I would love THOR and Captain America (cast and content); as for The Green Lantern and X-Men I was hoping that I would like them, but I was essentially disappointed with X-Men and I liked The Green Lantern although it would have been better without Ryan Reynolds. For my summer blockbuster season there are two remaining films which I am very ambivalent about: Cowboys & Aliens, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I have no idea how those two are going to turn out, but I will be greatly surprised if I walk away liking either of them. Well it was a very busy day, yet I was able to get some cleaning, writing, and leisure in. Work starting again tomorrow, and I've already got a busy plan for the first part of the day. Hopefully the SED's cooperate with me.


  1. This looks worth seeing. I like the idea of weakness/strength played in the previews I've seen.

  2. It was amazing. Perhaps the second best comic book film of the summer; THOR being the first of course.