Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are the days Getting Longer?

I never used to get this tired at the end of doing two double shifts back to back, but now I am so exhausted it is ridiculous. Perhaps it has something to do with all of the other things that I have going on in my life, but still it is quite a task to do two sixteen hour days essentially in a row and then a ten hour shift. I suppose that's why I have about four days to recover; to regather my strength. During one of the calmer parts of the shift, my co-worker showed me a part of this one I Love Lucy episode and it was a riot. Watch it below; I think you'll laugh. Overall the SED's were fine, although at the end several of them severely tested my very thin patience, which didn't work out so well for them. Sleep is calling my name. Fair thee well, and thank God July is finally over!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy International Cheesecake Day!

Cheesecake is one of the most marvelous culinary inventions, and quite tasty too. I'm sorry if you don't really like cheesecake, but for me it is something very, very scrumptious if made well. Bad cheesecake is nasty and just plain "blah." Back in college the cafeteria almost ruined it completely for me numerous times because they made the most disgusting cheesecake ever. Fortunately I've grown and learned how to make really, really good cheesecake. Key lime cheesecake and Godiva chocolate cheesecake made by The Cheesecake Factory are my two top favorites. Work was fine today, and I'm hoping it continues that way for tomorrow as well. I am so sleepy right now though, God only knows why, so I'm going to watch another episode from Damages season 3 (which I just got the first disc in the mail from Netflix yesterday) and then sleep. Hope you ate lots of cheesecake, but if you didn't know that today was the even then be certain to eat some tomorrow.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, and Aliens, and Cowboys. Oh My?

That's right folks, Cowboys & Aliens was released into theatres today. Yup that's right, and there were everything from aliens eating country folk, to flying machines stringing up people, to gun fights against metal that bullets couldn't pierce. It was mighty fine shooting folks. Blah. So I'm not very good with that accent and style, but hey I can't be talented with writing everything. The film was okay, meaning I gave it an "Admirable Ability." I just couldn't get over the whole aliens with the cowboys thing; it sounded so ludicrous and unlikely. If you took out the aliens, then the story and characters that were there worked very well; Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford make convincing cowboys that they should do it again, without the aliens though. I could watch it again, but I'd rather watch other things than it. Its genre type must be very popular out here in San Diego area because the theatre where I went to at 11:40am was quite full, more full then it has been when I've gone to see any other summer blockbuster during the day this year. Another odd thing was there was a cricket making noise in the theatre room itself during the film, although at one point it stopped; it was kind of funny. The rest of the day was furiously busy. I made a super chocolate cheesecake in honor of International Cheesecake Day tomorrow (which should be an international holiday that everyone gets off) and it looks very tasty, but I've never used this recipe before so we'll see what everyone else thinks. I was going to make a strawberry cheesecake, but I ran out of time and energy. Need longer days still or just another one of me. I also handed in my and my roommate's 30 days notice and turned in our last rent together forever!!!!!!!!! Even though it was kind of a stressful moment or two (I had a million seemingly other things that I needed to get done before the end of the day and I hadn't really even taken a moment to sit and relax since I got up, and my roommate wasn't the most amiable) reflecting back it is an immense load off of my back. Now for the next phase. Finding a place to move into, and getting out of my current situation with everything, including my sanity, intact. Dear God, August is going to be a really long and stressful month. I was unfortunately unable to get any writing or editing done today as I didn't really have the energy after I did everything else. I think that about covers everything. So I'm going to get some sleep and prepare for the work weekend.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maps and Lavender.

It was a fairly average day. I kept busy doing my usual routine, and then I moved onto something a little more boring, but far more interesting (sounds like an oxi-moron I suppose). I edited yet again more of Book II. I almost did two chapters but I wasn't feeling it so I did something else that I needed to get done this week; I drew a rough map for Book II. This one is new with more detail and a zoomed in section of the overall main map, which will also be updated for the upcoming book. It took me about two hours to get it all done, and tomorrow I will send it off to my  map maker. I am actually quite relieved to have it completed and out of the way for the time being. There are too many things going on that I have to complete. I am very satisfied with what I ended up drawing despite my inability to really draw that well. During dinner I watched a rather splendid film called Ladies in Lavender starring Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Daniel Bruhl. It's about these two older women in 1930's Great Britain who take care of a ship-wrecked man who doesn't speak any English. It's a lovely character film that is beautiful, humorous (multiple moments when I was cracking up), moving, passionate, and just very lovely. Judi Dench and Maggie Smith were astounding, and have proven once again that they are superior actresses and leading ladies. The British come up with the finest actors and actresses for film and theater. The majestic landscapes made me want to visit Great Britain as the cinematography was breathtaking. Joshua Bell did the violin music for the film (since the castaway is a great violinist) and I want to fall in love with that man. He plays the violin so well that you can't help but feel passion, romance, and the somberness of reality. Overall the film really seemed like it earned a "Strong Ability," and it would be quite delightful to watch again in the future. It is a lovely film to see with your mum, if you happen to be looking for something of that nature. Tomorrow Cowboys & Aliens is released and I'm going to begrudgingly see it; I'm trying not to think how awful it is going to be, but it is very difficult I have to say. Perhaps I'll walk away pleased, at least that is what I am hoping for. Only a few days left in July! And then the days will really be counting down when I will be out of this apartment! Oh the trailer for the film Battleship was released today. I think it looks dreadful, but you may think differently. I haven't a clue why they are making a film out of that board game, but perhaps it will prove interesting in 2012...that is if we are all alive to watch it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Play than Work....

....At least that is what it seemed like. At least with writing all that I did was edit a chapter in Book II. I was going to edit another chapter, but I wasn't feeling it at the time. Editing is one of those things that you have to be in the right mindset to do, otherwise you're just gazing through it all without really editing it, and you miss important details and thus the point of editing becomes.....well, pointless. I spent a long time doing some website maintenance. That's the irritating thing about having a website where I am the only one working and running it; I have to do everything. I actually just got done looking at a bunch of advertisements for apartments, and there seems to be many with good promise, although it is amazing that hardly any of the units I looked at contained central air. I can't stand those a/c units in the window or built into the wall; they're not very efficient. I also remembered how much I hated looking for apartments as well. Location, location, location. Price is somewhat negotiable, but there are some things I will not go without, and on-site parking is something I cannot live without. I don't want to have the rest of my car demolished because another.......gentleman wants to avoid hitting a cat. I watched this rather fascinating film tonight called Franklyn. It has the remarkable Eva Green, Bernard Hill (King Theoden from LOTR), Ryan Phillippe, and Sam Riley as the major cast. Eva Green is great as always; she really is talented at acting, and brings depth and light to her character. Mr. Phillippe I could say the same thing; I'm accustomed to seeing him in popcorn films, but this was a step up for him. I must admit that what I saw wasn't what I expected, but it was rather delightful nonetheless. The only thing is that it may seem rather confusing, but when the film is good and over then you have one of those "aha" moments. The film was rather....deep for lack of another phrase or word, perhaps slightly depressing and dark would be better. Regardless, it would be difficult to watch it all of the time, so I'm giving it a Moderate on "Watch-ability." Due to the nature of the film it went back and forth with how the audience could escape (if you watch it, you'll get what I mean), so it get's another Moderate on "Escape-ability." I enjoyed the film, but the depressing factor will keep it from that high mark and so thus a Moderate for "Enjoy-ability." The "Artistic-ability" of this film was stunning and remarkable. Original, outside of the box, and somewhat visionary; I give it supremely High marks. Despite the occasional glimmer where it looked as if the lip-syncing wasn't very good, all technical elements were well done. A High therefore on "Technical-ability", good acting, excellent characters, spectacular cinematography, a good score, and a relatively good screenplay. The film garners an "Admirable Ability" overall, which isn't too bad. Perhaps the average film goer wouldn't like the film, but if film is something you enjoy as a hobby, art form, or simply like good films then this is for you. It is a film to contemplate though.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Killer's Delight.

Today was actually quite productive, which is very unusual for my first day off. I began it all with cleaning the apartment, and threatened my roommates to never cut hair again in the bathroom. I never knew hair would be so difficult to get hair off of a commode. I edited a screenplay for my associate's audio drama, and then some of Book II. I also sent my rough layout of a map to my map maker for Book II, so things are moving along quite well. Soon I will be done with my fourth draft and onto the fifth draft...yes I know it seems never ending, but there will come a day when the book shall be published. Then I will only have one book left to write! And then by that time almost thirteen years of work will be over. For tonight's entertainment I watched In Bruges but after watching an hour of it I decided that the film was crap and boring and stopped watching it. Although it has Colin Farrel in it (who isn't a very good actor), Brendan Gleeson (who was the only bright spot), and Ralph Fiennes I would never recommend this film to anyone; please save yourself a couple hours and watch something else. It was boring, pointless, and the screenplay sucked, although the cinematography was shot quite well. Instead I watched the film Bundy: A Legacy of Evil which of course was a very interesting biographical film about the notorious sociopath that murdered and raped a number of women, Theodore Bundy. It wasn't the greatest film in the world, but it explored a little bit of the ladies man that received marriage proposals while he was in prison, but the screenplay didn't really take advantage of all of the that they could of to make a fantastic film. It was slightly disappointing, but interesting nonetheless. It was one of those films you see once, and most likely will never watch again, although it would be great to show for an abnormal psych college class. If that kind of thing interests you then you should see it, if not then it isn't really worth the time. Well, there's the day. Not that interesting....and oh, before I forget. Last night with the roommates, everything ended up alright despite the fact that the urchins spent the night. Soon that will be something that I will never have to be concerned about again. Happy thought.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Time Off Again.

At last I have persevered once more to finish my work weekend and make it to my days off. Although upon returning to my apartment I find my roommate with his unsavory cast of street urchins lounging in the living room. Hopefully they will depart quickly, or it might get ugly. Stay tuned for tomorrow to find out what happened. Work was fine. No major incidents, and no screaming SED shouting in my ears thank God. Now I can get some relaxation and peace in hopefully this week and some writing as well, not just editing my book and my friend's screenplays. I'm tired and would like to watch some television before I sleep, hopefully I can do that.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today it was all about the chocolate at work. I made two chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting on top, and they turned out relatively good. I also helped an SED make some brownies which also turned out fairly well. Despite many of the SED's being irritating, only one of them really went into crisis which wasn't even that difficult to deal with thankfully. After I helped him...."cool" down, he went to bed without any further difficulties. No complaints, and no need to vent tonight thankfully. Well fortunately the work weekend is coming to a close, and soon I will have days off and some minor relaxation...and then I will get back to the slave driver of writing. Sigh. Someday it will all pay off.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We Love to Laugh!

And yes that was the theme for at least the pm shift. My co-workers and I were having a field day laughing and having a good old time; it was a nice reminder why I enjoy working where I do. Essentially it was a very good day at work; the SED's behaved very well, and to reward their good behavior I made snickerdoodle cookies and chocolate chip cookies. The nice thing was the kids were able to assist me a lot, and I think they really enjoyed themselves and all of the cookies turned out great (although the chocolate chip ones were a little too thin...not quite certain what I did wrong with the batter but everyone loved them). We watched Mary Poppins for the movie and all I have to say is, thank you Walt Disney; that man was such an incredible visionary and filmmaker. The world of film was devastated with his departure. Well on with the show.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The 1st Avenger!

As soon as I saw the summer blockbuster layout for this year, I knew that Captain America was going to be the best for certain (THOR ties with it for me). This of course was based upon the cast and the subject matter; it is essentially a WWII era war film with a comic book spin. Therefore for me at least it is a recipe for success. I read one review in The Wall Street Journal which blasted it because of the elements of action in it; but I bet that guy (who gives a lot of negative reviews) would have said the original Star Wars would have been bad if he was around when it was released. I really enjoyed the film and gave it a "Strong Ability" for my review. Alan Silvestri's theme for the film score is down below; not too bad of a score as well. For myself, I predicted that I would love THOR and Captain America (cast and content); as for The Green Lantern and X-Men I was hoping that I would like them, but I was essentially disappointed with X-Men and I liked The Green Lantern although it would have been better without Ryan Reynolds. For my summer blockbuster season there are two remaining films which I am very ambivalent about: Cowboys & Aliens, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I have no idea how those two are going to turn out, but I will be greatly surprised if I walk away liking either of them. Well it was a very busy day, yet I was able to get some cleaning, writing, and leisure in. Work starting again tomorrow, and I've already got a busy plan for the first part of the day. Hopefully the SED's cooperate with me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Night Before.

That was the only title I could think of for tonight. I guess it could mean something like....the night before I went and saw Captain America: The First Avenger? Hopefully when I see the film tomorrow, it'll be something to be pleased about afterwards. I just finished watching season premiere/pilot of the Next Generation Star Trek series; it was a lot longer than I had expected it to be, so I'm a little behind with my nightly schedule. I had seen episodes of the series back during the mid nineties (my father is a big trek fan) but never all the way through, and now I have that opportunity; it'll be like finishing a project that I began many years ago. It was also quite nostalgic and interesting to see how far science fiction television has come since then. Star Trek Voyager will always be my favorite "Trek" series, and I have always wanted to see more of Deep Space Nine. I saw very few episodes of it, but it always evoked me as very fascinating. I was able to get some more editing done for my friend's audio drama scripts, and I also edited another chapter of Book II for my trilogy, but alas no new writing. I am on some like my fourth draft of the book and getting so sick of it; I cannot wait until it is published. All of that editing is draining, not to mention I have work this week and we got a fairly new client that is getting adjusted to the facility and he is apparently violent; so that should be fun over the weekend. Blah. Oh yeah, a bit of interesting family news; congratulations to my father he is engaged to be married in January next year, that is if he can make sure his bride to be can get into the United States. Very complicated story right there, perhaps someday I'll write something about it. Time to sleep, and perchance to sleep well tonight.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What a Gangster.

Today was a little more productive than yesterday at least, but I was also able to do my lazy relaxing as well so it all balanced itself out. Two chapters of Book II from my trilogy, some editing for my friend's audio drama screenplays; all in all well over forty pages I edited today. It actually was kind of exhausting, especially with irritating individuals around. I was able to finally watch a film I got from Netflix American Gangster. I'm trying to finish my Ridley Scott film repertoire and I'm getting very close. I think I've nearly watched all of the films that he directed. I have 8 films left to watch that he directed, but a few of them are quite old so I don't know if I'll watch them, but I'm going to try. This was the second film I've seen where I liked Denzel Washington; the first one is The Preacher's Wife (which is awesome, and has a delightful cast). I liked the characters and the story of the film, and the casting was good. I also liked the kind of gangster that Denzel portrayed; none of that obnoxious flashy crap with the irritating and poor pronunciation of the English language. His character had class, intelligence and wit and it is what most likely saved him from life in prison. He treated what he did like a professional business and gave his clients the best; I have a new perspective now developing on life, at least I think so. The film ranks High on all but two of the 5 Abilities; "Watch-ability" & "Enjoy-ability." It was very long and at times boring, so I won't be watching it all that frequently, and although I liked it a lot it was long and depressing at times. But I'm going to give it a "Strong Ability" and I must admit that it is a very strong film and also shows that Russell Crowe can step outside of his heroic type and play something a little more humble. Ridley Scott is truly a director of many trades. His next film will be Prometheus and that should be interesting to see what it is all about when it debuts next year. Saw the trailer for the new Spider-Man film also debuting next year; that looks good. Thank goodness they cast Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker; that is a far better choice than Tobey Maguire.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Break

I didn't really do much today at all. After getting ready for the day I went and got a hair cut, and then met a friend to go see The Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was lovely to see it a second time, but I still hold to my original perspective on the film; it was good, but it was lacking an overall story. Combine it with the 1st part of the film and it could be the best one. I think this is how I would rank the Harry Potter films from my favorite to least favorite: Goblet of Fire, Prisoner of Azkaban, The Deathly Hallows Part 1, The Deathly Hallows Part 2,  The Half-Blood Prince, The Order of the Phoenix, The Sorcerer's Stone, and lastly The Chamber of Secrets. The fourth film was the last one I saw without reading the book, and I love the cemetery scene with the Dark Lord returning. Azkaban was the best film I think, at least with how it was shot, the screenplay, and it was the first film to have that dark look that I really love not to mention the story worked really well on screen without cutting out a lot of the core story. The remaining films just fell that way I suppose. Anyways. That was my day; very boring, but oh so relaxing; something that I needed very much. Tomorrow I guess I'll do something productive like write, but I'm going to try and not kill my brain; there's no need to exhaust myself.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Work Brains Gone Mush

Well of course right as I was about ready to leave for work my supervisor FINALLY calls and asks for an overview of the night (they usually ask way before that though; but he gets trapped in the social workers office playing games on Facebook and the higher management doesn't care about it at all). I tell him what happened during the sift and suddenly I need to write up some paperwork for a small incident that occurred, which isn't really a big thing, but my brain wasn't that up to it around 10:30pm. Had he called earlier to ask how things went, I would have had more time to prepare and write, and my brains wouldn't have been quite as useless. As it was I had to stay an hour later than I had anticipated on because of that, and it was only because of a fantastically wonderful staff (thank you so much Adrienne!) that I was able to get out when I did. There I vented. The biggest stress didn't come from the SED's today; it came from my supervisor. Thank God for my days off; I really need them. I would love to complain more and go on a tirade about all kinds of things related to my current place of employment.....but that wouldn't be entirely professional (like my little jab up there), and I still need a job. Dear God I really hope my writing pays off soon.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Resistance Failing.......

.....Must have days off soon. Perhaps it has something to do with my busy work schedule and my busy writing schedule lately, but I am so sleepy and physically tired right now it is ridiculous. I can't wait for Tuesday! I think I'm going to chill on that day and do nothing else. It was an okay day at work with very few if any crises that I had to deal with, but the SED's did keep me on my toes throughout the day. Well it was overall a blah day (or at least that is how I feel right now), but I did get to finish watching Pinocchio on my break, and interestingly enough when I was very young I disliked that film a lot, but now upon seeing many, many years later I truly love it. It is a wonderful story, with fantastic characters and brilliant themes that aren't being taught today in popular society/culture, which is quite a shame. Walt Disney sure knew how to craft great and long lasting films; it's a pity no one in his organization retained similar skills. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Lovely Work Surprise.

It was a relatively nice day at work with very few if any problems. The excellent news that I had all day was that the mean, and loud SED with the big lungs will be moving to a different cottage where I will not have to work with him ever again, for the most part at least. You should have seen the big smile on my face, it was huge and beaming! No more constant screaming, nagging, and mindless irritability; I think all of us who work in my cottage  think that way. So that was that, and now I'm going to watch some Law & Order and toddle off to bed. Sleep well friends of the world.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where it All Ends.....

....The day has come, the prophecy has been fulfilled, and now there is no more Harry Potter unfortunately. This film is sure to be a hit, and I have a feeling most will love it, and they have every reason to. Upon reviewing Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II I had a different idea how the film came across to me, and basically I boiled it down to the fact that this film is truly only a part of a story, meaning half of something. Which means it's missing something. Part One was the bulk of the story, setting up what's going on, and development of characters. Part Two was the climax, falling action and resolution; it was missing all of the other elements. I still liked the film and it had a fantastic ending, but I really think that they could have simply made a long last film if they wanted to do it right with all of the pertinent details, but whatever. It was fun, cool, gave me closure, and the 3-D wasn't too bad. That absorbed my morning along with writing the review and posting it. I then sat down and read some of the book. During dinner I watched a very interesting film called Dahmer. Well if anyone is familiar with sociopaths and famous killers you will recall that he dismembered his victims (boys) and froze them in his own little freezer. This film didn't show him killing any boys, but rather men. He also was a sexual perpetrator. If the film is accurate for the most part, Jeffery Dahmer was a very strange and disturbed man. He would frequent this one club, put something in a drink and then give it to a man, who would then become all flimsy like, and then he'd have sex with him. I guess it's like the date-rape drug thing. Jeremy Renner played Dahmer, which is why I chose to watch it over a Ted Bundy film that I was also contemplating, and he pulled off quite a good performance. Watching that film makes me never want to drink anything a stranger hands me, nor let a complete stranger into my house or go into one. I also remember one scene that shocked me completely, which I'm glad that I can still get shocked by gory and disturbing things. I won't describe the scene, but let's say it involves a large sharp knife, a hand, and a stomach. Serial killers are fascinating for me, being the psych person that I am, and although I don't know if I'd ever like to meet a genuine sociopath face-to-face that has killed, from a distance they'd be interesting to observe. Work has arrived unfortunately again, but I'm sure this week won't be as long as the one least I hope.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where it all Began....

....Around eleven years ago or so a small little boy called Harry Potter emerged from a tiny room under a set of stairs played by Daniel Radcliffe. Now much as has changed within the world of Harry Potter and even Daniel Radcliffe, but the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone will always be there for us to remember where it all began. The first time I saw this film was back in the fall of 2002 at my father's after he left our family. It was a big old Victorian house, and he had one very large room where he lodged and...well, it was all very odd, but that isn't the point. I saw the film and instantly fell in love with the characters, places, and yes all of the magic. Ever since then I have kept up with the films and books, and for a while there I was able to watch each film without reading the book first (which is my preferred method). I had watched all of the first four films without first reading the books, and then a friend of mine spoiled the sixth book and I ended up reading the last three without waiting to see the films first. That is most likely one of the reasons why the 4th film is my favorite; it was the last unspoiled film. Tomorrow it will all end unfortunately, but it had a great run and kept audiences and readers going for a long time. I thought it would be fitting to watch the first film before seeing the last one as I was looking on the shelf considering which Harry Potter film to watch. Well...there it is, after tomorrow I will see how they end it all, but for now I saw how it all began; it was rather interesting to hear Harry and Ron with high pitched voices. I posted a film review of 10,000 B.C. and speaking of films they have released a trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes film Game of Shadows; the preview is below. I was able to edit a couple chapters in Book 2, and my cover artist has come up with her first draft of the cover, so things are looking up for my second book. Hopefully things continue to go well in that area. Well for those of you who are standing in line for a midnight showing for The Deathly Hallows Part II best of luck; I shall be snoozing soundly.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Never Ending Work.

Well for me work seems to never end. Even today I went into work to spend time with an SED and drop off some brownies I had made for another SED who will be leaving the facility either today or tomorrow. It was uneventful my time at work thankfully, but one thing is for certain; I am very thankful I don't have any children of my own. I cannot imagine ever getting any time off from your own children? That would be horrible, and I do suppose they suck the life out of you. On a brighter note I was able to get some writing done today. My associate took the story outline that I gave him for his radio drama and wrote a twenty odd page script which I edited today and sent back to him. Our little radio drama is coming along quite well, and I'm excited to see where it will go next. I wasn't able to get to Book 2 today, but that will be my priority for tomorrow, and this time it should be easier than before, at least I hope, and also hopefully not take as long. Tonight I watched 10,000 BC and to my surprise I actually enjoyed and liked it. When it was first released I thought that it was going to be a dud, and there are certain things which I dislike a little in the film, but I must say that it was well written. Therefore on "Watch-ability" I give it a Moderate; even though I enjoyed the film a lot, it is such a colossal journey that it can be draining despite its action. "Escape-ability" it definitely gets a High; even though I wasn't around the earth at that time, wow, wow. That's all I have to say. I already indicated that "Enjoy-ability" ranked High; the characters were enjoyable and the plot was fantastic. A feast for one's eyes, so goes the "Artistic-ability" of the film which attains a High; brilliant costumes, make-up, music, and a well written story. The "Technical-ability" of the film carries no doubts, and thus a High; excellent directing, casting, camera angles, sound, special effects, and the location shooting was so cool and expansive. The film ranks as a "STRONG ABILITY," and soon I will be writing a review of it and posting it on my website. Roland Emmerich (the director) did a remarkable job on the film and shows his talent for understanding historical periods and epic films. Tomorrow will truly be a day off from my regular job, but writing will always be a job that I do no matter where I go or what I do.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Countdown Begins.....

....It is only approximately two more days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II is released into theatres, and there it will all come to a spectacular conclusion. I will not hide my excitement for the moment, and to say that I am very eager is an understatement. I might or might not bring one of my wands with me..perhaps I could bring the Eldar Wand? Yeah, I'm a fan alright; I just wish that the wand performed actual magic. I just finished watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I to prepare me for this Friday, and I might watch a few more of them as well; I suppose it depends on how much time I will end up having. Well today I worked and it was fine, no real problems at all, except for the one explosive SED who climbed a tree and threatened to throw himself off of it and break his neck. He really is a pain in the neck (no pun intended) and his scream is deafening; I try to be optimistic about where our clients will end up, but that boy is going to end up in prison one day most likely for beating the hell out of someone. I'm so relieved that I am going to finally have some days off; working 48 hours in four days is quite a lot. Away from work and back to Harry Potter I was listening to a preview of Alexandre Desplat's score for The Deathly Hallows Part II and it sounds just as disappointing as his score for the first film was. I had hoped that they would be able to recruit John Williams, and I think it was foolish of them not to, but whatever; it should be interesting to hear the music with the film. Aside from writing this, I read former U.S. President G.W. Bush's memoirs Decision Points and it actually is fairly interesting thus far, of which I am going to read some more of before I go to sleep. Goodnight and Good luck.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Exercise and Work

Other than the fact that I have worked five shifts in three days and still have one more tomorrow, I am very, very sleepy. This could also be due to the fact that I got a bunch of exercise playing freeze tag with a bunch of SED children for about a half an hour or so. They ran me ragged, but I ran them around as well and all of them ended up being tired. It's always nice to connect with these kids on a level, and with some of them I think I did that today (at least I think I did). Whoever said you couldn't get a lot of exercise at work. Overall the day went very well and only the explosive SED had difficulties, big surprise there, but he didn't put any holes in the wall. last shift and then I'm done for the week thank God. I am ridiculously tired, and after an episode of Camelot then I'm going to retire.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Too Many Doubles....

Wow I am so very tired/exhausted right now, which isn't good because I have to work tomorrow and Tuesday as well. Fortunately they are evening shifts, so I at least get half of the day to myself. It wasn't per se a very hard or difficult day, but it was just long. I so want to sleep, which is what I will precisely do in an hour or so. Well, I'm going to toddle off because it wasn't a very interesting day, or I can't really remember the day (it's all kind of blurring together.) I do remember one SED telling me that he was tired to dealing with all of the crap that I'm giving him (this is the same SED that tantrumed and screamed for an entire hour yesterday because he had to finish something before he could go to a birthday party). To say the least, I walked away and shook my head; that child hasn't a clue.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Scream to Remember.

Although truth be told, I'd very much like to forget about the screaming that I heard today. For the most part I had a good day despite several of the SED's having outbursts, but what can you do it is my job after all to deal with these children and their problems. However, this one SED screamed, shouted, tore his room apart, beat himself until he bled on his arm a little, and threatened to kill himself for about 1 hour. During that time I was dealing with him, trying to get him to calm down and listen, but needless to say it wasn't working until after the hour was up. He has some of the most powerful lungs; I would think that after forty five minutes he'd have lost steam or his throat would be sore, but nope he kept on going. He then decided to calm down and have a good rest of the night. I like to think of it as a cathartic moment; perhaps in the long run his tantrum and therefore our lengthy conversation about it will do him some good. Aside from that it was all work and not that interesting, at least of anything really noteworthy. Had some good times with some of my fellow co-workers, especially when we were talking about naked trees and what not. It was something you had to hear. Well have a fantastic weekend world while I slave away dealing with children and their problems.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Had it Now I Have it!

That title doesn't really make too much sense, unless of course you keep on reading. About a month ago I was under the impression that I had finally nailed the title for book 2 in A Warrior's Tale Trilogy, but after toying with the title again today for a couple of hours I found one that works on all levels. It's short, catchy, there's no other book with that name that I can find thus far, and it has a philosophical meaning like the title of the first book if you think hard enough after reading it. That is what I try to capture with my titles (my published ones in particular since it's a little more final); I want them to mean something more than mere words on a cover, and that is why it takes me so long to produce a title, and that is why it's one of the last things that I do. It's hard to come up with something original that conveys a subtle thought or idea that isn't cliche or ridiculous. The one I had originally settled on was good and catchy, but this one is even better and captures more effectively what I am trying to convey with several themes within book 2. Speaking of that wonderful manuscript (since it technically isn't in book format yet) I edited the 3rd draft today and will be working on a 4th draft beginning next week. There were some issues one of my editors brought up, so I have to go back and re-work some things, and then I also need to get my roughly drawn maps sent to my map maker. I have a lot of work to do still before it is hopefully released this winter (November is what I'm shooting for). And after that, I'll only have one left book to finish and then I'll be able to publish other things. Wow! I can't believe I've come this far. It has been over a decade since the inception of this idea, and still it broods strong within me despite my desire to move on to different projects. Aside from that and other boorish stuff that I did throughout the day, it was rather....well uninteresting I suppose you could say. I didn't make as much of my day as I would have liked, but you win some, you lose many, you win a lot; life is unpredictable, so why be predictable all of the time.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nothing and Progress.

Usually if it is an unproductive day I get nothing done at all, but today I was able to squeeze in some writing despite my laziness and going into work for a bit. Someone mentioned to me that I seem to be at work all of the time now, which I admit I have been at work a lot lately, which is fine; more money for me and it'll help prepare me for the beginning of September! Which I will be equating with moving out and finally getting my own place, thank the Lord. It can't come soon enough. I edited through 300 pages of my book tonight, and I'll finish the rest tomorrow, and then I'll do the same thing all over again before handing it off to another editor. I have communicated with my cover artist what I am looking for on my book cover for Book 2 of A Warrior's Tale Trilogy and it should come out very nicely. As I re-read it and look through it, the more I become excited about it being published. Very, very soon now. Yesterday I began watching a new show called Camelot which I think is produced by Starz. Michael Hirst who wrote and created The Tudors and was behind Elizabeth the film, is fantastic and so far he is doing well with this series. Merlin is played by Joseph Fiennes (which I think isn't the best choice, but he's growing on me), Arthur is played by Jamie Campbell Bower and he is also growing on me, but the best is Morgan La Fey played by Eva Green; she is to die for, and plays her part perfectly. She is a fantastic actress, and I don't think I have disliked any character that I have ever seen her play. The show seems to be accurate mostly to the legend, but I would love to see more magical stuff happening. Well one last day before work starts up again, I'm going to make it count.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Once Upon A Day Off.

Even though it didn't seem like a restful day off, it was at least a day off. My roommate's solution to his financial difficulties is annoying me a little making me long for August to be over, but what can I do but endure. I suppose if I can handle kids biting, punching, screaming and kicking me I can handle my vexing roommate. I just wish that it didn't have to be in my place of Zen where I get away from all of that. The day was productive for the most part. I was able to finish writing another Modern War Story: The Sword and the Shield: Blood and Peace. I really like this one, but I think the next few should prove most interesting. My ultimate goal is to write various small stories all from different perspectives about the American conflict occurring in Afghanistan and Iraq, but stories that have the same plot at heart. Think of a circle with dots all around it; each dot is a different story, and as you go around you learn about different people, and then the same people again, and again as the circle goes round and round. It's going to take me a while, but it should be good when it is completed. Now what I need to do is focus on editing book 2, but I have a lot to do tomorrow. Hopefully I can kick my rear in gear and get a lot of that taken care of. I watched Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty which has been my favorite classic animated Disney film since I was a very young boy; it had something to do with all of the magic, and of course one of the most awesome Disney villains of all time. I also love Tchaikovsky's score for the ballet; he is such a great composer. According to a documentary that I watched on the DVD, his big break came with his ballet for Sleeping Beauty which audiences loved, whereas  before with Swan Lake they hated it. God only knows why; all of the music is beautiful. Well good night everyone and continue to enjoy your dwindling work week.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Decisions and Points.

Well today was kind of odd, and unfortunately unproductive. It wasn't my fault though. Our illustrious electric company had the electricity off from 9am-12:30pm or so; that was quite vexing, especially when I wanted to get stuff done. I had to shave in the dark, and shower with candles. It was nice though; very relaxing. I was able to begin reading G.W. Bush's memoirs Decision Points though in the morning since I had nothing else I could really do that I needed to do. It's good so far, and I look forward to it as I read more. I also worked today and I actually just got back. It is so humid right now, I am disgusted. It was raining while the sun was out, and it wasn't that light/fluffy rain, it was pretty heavy. It is as if we are in the tropics; yuck, but beautiful scenery (which we don't really have since it's all dry). I am so tired, but I am going to watch Casablanca to give my apartment time to cool down. I love that film, and that wonderful time goes by.

Monday, July 4, 2011

235 Years and Still Kicking!

Since I am a citizen of the United States of America, I am going to show some patriotism towards it on this its 235th birthday. Despite the many flaws that it and its people have, I am so thankful that I am a part of this great country and all of the positive things that it is about promoting; liberty, freedom, and equality to everyone (although that last one is still a work in progress). I always struggle not to be ethnocentric, and try to diversify myself as much as possible, and living out here in California has helped that immensely. The whole world is full of nations that have done things that are wrong, and thousands of people have suffered in turn. America is no different in this regard. Hate, bitterness, and selfishness breed nothing but pain; grace, forgiveness, and compassion build up the moist precious commodity the world has to offer and that is people. I am an ordinary American that grew up on an old farm house in the country back in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin. I have no ax to grind, or political horn to sound; I only care about helping and caring for people, and that will always be a top priority in my life. Why do I write all of that? I write that to say that the radical minority doesn't represent the average, moderate majority. I love my country, and I really believe that every one citizen of each individual country should love where they come from, and be proud of their heritage, or try to make it something to be proud of. I like to think of the United States of America as a place where people like me can use it as a base to help those around the world, and those who come into our country; to me as an individual, freedom is very important, but not as important as the right to be able to choose what you want to do, and what you don't want to do. And overall, that is what makes our country the great place that it is. Alright, stepping away from that; it was a lovely day at work. All of the SED's were...tolerable and didn't have any real difficulties, which was very nice. It wasn't as hot today, but I could feel the humidity and that annoyed me. I thought that I left that weather behind in Illinois. Well, this was supposed to be my last day of working before my days off, but I volunteered to work tomorrow; a little extra money is always useful. Goodnight, and Happy 4th of July to all as the United States of America celebrates its 235th birthday!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Work Evening with a Bang!

Aside from this one SED blowing up and destroying all of his stuff in his room, it was a pretty smooth day at work. I was feeling it though around 9pm; it was a long day, but one without some of our most difficult clients, which thrilled me to no end. From where I work we were able to see some fireworks and the SED's were glued to it all like a tractor beam; I think it was the sparkling, popping, and bright colorful lights. I'm not a big fan of fireworks, but they're nice when choreographed with music. I personally liked the big booming and popping sounds that the fireworks made, the SED's didn't like that part so much. I am so thankful tomorrow is my last day before my days off; I feel as if I really need them, but honestly it all hasn't been too bad. Well, have a good night everyone, and cheers to the grand U.S.A. on its birthday!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rolling Through the Weekends.

Despite being sleepy during the latter part of the evening, it was a very lovely day; hot like the lake of fire, but nice. I am simply thankful that it is dry heat and not that stuff with high humidity, that would be far too much to deal with on top of the heat. All of the SED's were fine; I only had one major incident, and that is when a male SED groped/grabbed and felt up a female client's backside. No the brightest of the bunch, but also not that socially capable as well. He'll probably become a sexual predator when he gets old enough unfortunately. Tomorrow should be good though; many of the SED's are going to be on pass, which will mean less trouble on the job, at least if everything goes according to plan. With these types of kids you never know what to expect, and every day is something different.

Friday, July 1, 2011


I can always tell it's summer when it takes the apartment forever to cool off, even with a fan blowing in air from outside after the sun has gone down already (although I think it has something more to do with us moving away from the sun). It's comfortable right now in my room as I type this, but I would prefer it to be about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Happy July 1st to all of you! I cannot believe it's July already! Wow! Time continues to fly by without any respite. This will also be the hottest month for highly anticipated summer blockbusters; The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2, Captain America, and Cowboys & Aliens (that should be interesting). Well I did get some writing done today, but nothing that I can post; there was significant progress made though on a new Modern War Story, but I was lazy for the most part and it will remain unfinished during the weekend. What can I say; my pattern seems to be that I work really hard and diligent, and then get barely anything accomplished. I should probably try to be more balanced about the whole thing, but if I was a full time writer that would help me prioritize much more efficiently, and if I didn't have an...irritating roommate situation. All of that is going much better and is less stressful, which I hope it remains that way until the end of August. Tomorrow is work for me, and yes I work all weekend and get none of it off; lucky me. For those who are celebrating have fun with your families, for those who are not have a fantastic weekend.